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Xiaomi SO WHITE electric toothbrush: improving your tooth care doesn’t require hight cost

Why is the SO WHITE sonic electric toothbrush a sonic toothbrush?

The secret should first popularize for everyone what is sonic toothbrush and how it works. First of all, the acoustic electric toothbrush refers to a kind of electric toothbrush which uses the magnetic levitation motor as the power source to drive the toothbrush head to vibrate according to the designed frequency to clean the teeth.

SO WHITE sonic electric toothbrush can vibrate up to 31000 times per minute. Ultrasonic frequency vibration is generated by high-frequency vibration, and then the energy is transferred to the teeth and gingival surface through the bristles on the brush head, which can loosen plaque, tartar and fine dental stone, play a deep brushing dead corner, deep tooth cleaning effect. 

SO WHITE sonic electric toothbrush head vibrates

So it has a better cleaning effect than traditional, SO WHITE sonic electric toothbrush. The SO WHITE sonic electric toothbrush has three built-in brushing modes, of which the standard mode is suitable for most people, vibrating 31000 times per minute to achieve the purpose of deep tooth cleaning; the gentle mode vibrates 27000 times per minute for sensitive gums or people who use electric toothbrushes for the first time; in massage mode, different frequencies vibrate alternately every minute, which can gently massage the gums and strengthen teeth.

SO WHITE Acoustic Electric toothbrush

For the first time using an electric toothbrush, you may experience gum bleeding. Please do not panic at this time, this is because the gingival sulcus which has been blocked for a long time has been opened and effectively cleaned, usually after a few times, the bleeding will disappear automatically.

How to use SO WHITE sonic electric toothbrush correctly?

Compared with ordinary toothbrushes, the vibration frequency and strength of electric toothbrushes are relatively fixed, so brushing efforts should not be too strong, too strong, but will cause damage to teeth. First of all, fit the brush head tightly into the toothbrush shaft, and then use warm water to adjust the softness of the bristles. The main body and brush head of

SO WHITE sonic electric toothbrush

Here, SO WHITE sonic electric toothbrushes do not degrade their quality because of the price. The SO WHITE sonic electric toothbrush uses American DuPont bristles, and the top of the bristles is rounded to avoid wear to the gums. The brush head also adopts arc design for the purpose of fitting the tooth surface. Among them, the longer bristles at both ends can go deep into the blind areas of manual brushing, such as posterior grooves and gaps between teeth, and play a role in cleaning teeth in an all-round way. In addition, the brush head of, SO WHITE sonic electric toothbrush also adopts soft glue wrapping design, which can avoid oral injury caused by improper strength when brushing teeth. 

SO WHITE sonic electric toothbrush head

After adjustment, stick the bristles to the two teeth, tilt at an angle of 45 °, gently apply pressure, and then stay on each side of each tooth for at least 2 seconds to clean up the hidden stains between the teeth. The SO WHITE sonic electric toothbrush divides the mouth into four areas, each with 30 seconds of brushing time. Every 30 seconds, the SO WHITE sonic electric toothbrush will vibrate to remind you to change the area, and the machine will be turned off automatically after two minutes. And the SO WHITE sonic electric toothbrush also has a gear automatic memory function, which can remember the gear you used before, and you can quickly complete an oral cleaning without too much adjustment after picking up the toothbrush. 

The charging effect of the SO WHITE sonic electric toothbrush

Xiaomi SO WHITE electric toothbrush battery perfromance

Different from other cheap electric toothbrushes in that, SO WHITE sonic electric toothbrushes have built-in lithium batteries and are equipped with a wireless induction charger, which is similar to the principle of wireless charging for mobile phones. When charging, the toothbrush can be charged by placing the toothbrush directly on the charging base. Official figures show that brushing your teeth twice a day, with a full charge, has a battery life of about 25 days.

SO WHITE sonic electric toothbrush weight

Another benefit of built-in lithium battery is that, SO WHITE sonic electric toothbrush adopts IPX7 waterproof design. If the toothbrush is contaminated, it can be washed directly under the faucet. Another advantage of the integrated body is that the weight of the lightweight, SO WHITE sonic electric toothbrush is 50g, and it will not bring a heavy burden to the wrist during use.

SO WHITE sonic electric toothbrush

Bottom line

Can 69 yuan buy health? In fact, it is possible to use SO WHITE sonic electric toothbrush to effectively solve the health problems of teeth. But can you buy more for 69 yuan? I”m afraid this won’t work either. After all, it only has so many functions. Of course, if you haven’t used an electric toothbrush before, then the SO WHITE sonic electric toothbrush will be a good entry-level product. If you used an electric toothbrush with a price of 200 to 300 before, you will find that the 69 yuan product can also be done very well. 

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