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Xiaomi Mijia Floor Fan 1X Review: Alternative to Air Conditioning

Small details + careful thinking = good products

Meters home products, the appearance design will always make people feel a little surprised. Mijia DC frequency conversion floor fan 1x continues the usual style of Mijia, in the minimalist design, contains a wealth of small ideas and small details. The pure white shell can be in line with the modern home design style, and it is not obvious in the modern office. If you are worried about the yellowing and aging of the white shell after being used for a long time, then the anti-aging design of Mijia DC frequency conversion floor fan 1x shell can effectively get rid of this problem. Of course, do not be too presumptuous in the sun, but at least after daily use for a long time, Mijia DC frequency conversion floor fan 1x can also maintain a plain white appearance.


Why say rice home DC frequency conversion floor fan 1x is full of small ideas and small details in the design? First of all, the fuselage does not have too many edges and corners, but more smooth lines and transition. The aluminum support rod adopts the aluminum tube spray molding process, which brings a good touch texture on the premise of ensuring the light and thin weight of the fuselage. It is not only convenient for the fan to move at will, but also improves the grip feeling in the process of moving.


Meters home DC frequency conversion floor fan 1x machine height is slightly higher than the previous generation products, the house secret will put the fan on the ground, whether sitting or lying, you can feel the breeze on your face. What about the effect of standing up? Xiaomi uses a stepless damping shaft at the connection between the motor and the supporting pole, with a total pitch of 39 °adjustable. As long as it is gently lifted up, the wind can blow to the upper body. Here, the secretary of the house still wants to remind everyone that after sweating, don”t blow directly.


More details of the design can be realized in the installation process, Mijia DC frequency conversion floor fan 1x installation is very simple. First connect the motor + pillar to the corresponding socket of the base, then insert the bottom bolt into the bottom hole of the base, and use a special wrench to tighten the bottom screw clockwise to fix the pillar with the base.


Then installs the rear hood to the motor shaft according to the internal “up” sign, then aligns the fan cover knob with the motor shaft and tightens it clockwise; then aligns the fan blade center hole with the motor shaft, and after installation, aligns the fan blade knob with the motor shaft and tightens counterclockwise to secure the fan blade on the motor shaft.


Of the fan is then directly aligned with the “left alignment identification point” of the fan rear cover according to the “alignment identification point”. After embedding the slot of the fan rear cover card, rotate the front cover of the fan cover clockwise to the “right alignment identification point” of the fan rear cover. Finally, insert the fan cover screw into the hole at the bottom of the fan cover and tighten it clockwise with a screwdriver, thus the basic installation work is over.


At the bottom of the fan cover during the installation process, the house secretary found that the fan back cover has an upward prompt arrow, the fan cover knob and blade knob have rotation direction marks, and the two screws that need to be installed are hidden out of sight. Although there is a hint of trouble when installing fan cover screws, this small difficulty is acceptable in order to be beautiful. Mijia DC frequency conversion floor fan has small details and small design, so that this product has become more refined. And in the process of installation, the house secretary found that the design ideas of the previous generation of products were retained on the DC frequency conversion floor fan 1x of Mijia. And these careful thoughts and small details also improve the overall use quality of Mijia DC frequency conversion floor fan 1x.


Internet + electric fan

In recent years, the Internet seems to embrace everything in the world, and Internet + has become an extremely popular concept. But in fact, most of the products on the market are Fengwei, tripe, and then …. There’s no such thing as then. But under the big waves, there will always be some eye-catching products. Many products in the smart home market have made a beautiful comeback after embracing the Internet. What about when electric fans encounter the Internet? Maybe it’s not just a breeze, it’s more about the experience of intelligent life.


Meters home DC frequency conversion floor fan 1x can be easily paired with Mijia App. After pairing, the function that the physical keys of the fuselage can not be realized through App. In the App, the fingertips gently slide forward or backward to achieve a stepless speed adjustment of up to 100. in the process of speed switching, there is no stutter, and the fan naturally and steadily sends air to the outside. On the physical button of the fuselage, we can only adjust 1 to 4 gears. Also in App, we can adjust from 30 degrees to 140 degrees according to the needs we use, and we can also control the left and right swing of the fan through App. The physical buttons on the fuselage can only control whether the fan swings left and right.


Millet home products can be less than Xiao Ai, through Xiao Ai can complete “turn on natural wind mode”, “fan a little to the left”, “fan to the right”, “fan speed is a little larger”, “fan speed is a little lower” and other operations, in this way, adjust Mi home DC frequency conversion floor fan 1x only rely on one mouth is enough.?


As an electric fan, Mijia DC frequency conversion floor fan 1x uses the algorithm to simulate this irregular change of the natural wind, blowing a gentle breeze, making people feel comfortable and refreshing. The use of customized 7 large area airfoil profile feather blades can cut the air flow evenly and densely, making the air flow more delicate and soft. In addition, the use of lossless design of brushless DC motor, the farthest air supply distance can be up to 14 meters, used with air conditioning, can make the air conditioning gas more evenly distributed in the room. Another advantage of this motor is that in the first block natural wind mode, the noise is only 26.6dB, bringing a quiet sleep experience at night.



If you have used Mijia DC frequency conversion floor fan, you will find that Mijia DC frequency conversion floor fan 1x has a very similar function and design to Mijia DC frequency conversion floor fan 1x. Mijia DC frequency conversion floor fan 1x has lower price, lighter weight and less noise at the same time of functional evolution. So do you need such an electric fan? If you are fed up with the biting cold of air conditioning in summer, fans may be a better choice than air conditioning during the interaction of spring and summer or summer and autumn.

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