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Xiaomi Mi Air2 SE TWS Review: Does it Really Worth Buying?


Xiaomi Mi Air2 SE TWS Design

Xiaomi Mi Air2 SE charging box changed the shape of the previous Xiaomi Mi Air2 series charging box, from the previous vertical to the current horizontal, pure white color matching is quite simple, the shape is a bit like a girl”s makeup box, it is easy to distinguish.

The charging box of Xiaomi Mi Air2 and Xiaomi Mi Air2S is relatively round and rectangular, while the charging box of Xiaomi true wireless Bluetooth headset Air2 SE is square, and the surface still uses frosted texture technology, which is smooth and delicate to touch and not easy to stick fingerprints. There is an indicator light on the front side of the charging box and a Type-C charging port on the rear side, which cancels the function button compared with the Xiaomi Mi Air2 and Air2 S, and the cuboid shape also brings a larger opening and closing cover for the Xiaomi Mi Air2 SE.


The appearance of the headphone part, Xiaomi Mi Air2 SE is basically the same as that of the Xiaomi Mi Air 2S, except that the headphone handle is a little longer. The net weight of a single headset is 4.7g and the body is small and light.


Like the Xiaomi Mi Air 2S, the Xiaomi Mi Air2 SE earbuds also uses a semi-in-ear design, which helps to better fit the ear canal, making it easy and comfortable to wear. Of course, there is also a disadvantage, that is, it is easy to make people forget whether they are still wearing headphones, resulting in the inadvertent loss of headphones.


Xiaomi Mi Air2 SE TWS Battery

The Xiaomi Mi Air2 SE charging box has a built-in 410mAh lithium battery and carries a new generation of low-power chips. The official reference for battery life is that a single headset can be fully charged for 5 hours, and with the charging box, the battery life can be increased to 20 hours, both single and overall battery life is better than that of the Xiaomi Mi Air2 TWS. Of course, the actual situation may be due to the habit of long or short battery life. In the case of 50% volume, I specifically tested the battery life of a single headset, which is basically close to 5 hours.


Xiaomi Mi Air2 SE TWS Audio Quality

Although the price of the Xiaomi Mi Air2 SE is only about half of that of the Xiaomi Air2 and Xiaomi Air2S TWS, the Xiaomi Mi Air2 SE, as the most critical sound unit of the headphones, is not simply matched, but continues to be equipped with the same 14.2mm large-size composite diaphragm moving coil unit of Xiaomi Air2 and Xiaomi Air2 S, and supports SBC and AAC audio decoding technology.


Xiaomi Mi Air2 SE TWS will be better than Bluetooth headsets that support SBC coding in terms of Bluetooth sound quality. Of course, there is still a significant gap between AAC and the LHDC of Xiaomi Mi Air 2S TWS earphones.


Also under AAC audio coding, I feel that the sound quality of Xiaomi Mi Air2 SE is a little worse than that of Xiaomi Air 2S, especially in the bass, where Xiaomi Air2 SE has a strong sense of digital sound. Of course, the price of Xiaomi Mi Air2 SE is relatively cheap, and our requirements should not be too high.


In terms of latency, the performance of Xiaomi Mi Air2 SE is OK, daily listening to music and watching a video will not feel obvious stutter and delay, you can rest assured.


What’s more, two high-sensitivity microphones are built into the Xiaomi Mi Air2 SE headset to eliminate background noise and improve the call experience, even if the call quality of Xiaomi Mi Air2 SE TWS earbuds is not greatly affected in a slightly noisy environment.

Xiaomi Mi Air2 SE TWS Control Experience

In terms of user experience, like Xiaomi Mi Air 2S, Xiaomi Mi Air2 SE supports open lid. So when opening the lid, the headset will automatically connect to the phone, and when you put on the headset, you can listen to music immediately. In addition, the operating logic of Mi Air2 SE TWS earphone remains unchanged and easy to use, with only two taps on the left headset to wake up the voice assistant and two taps on the right headset to play and pause music.


Xiaomi Mi Air2 SE continues the fine tradition of the Xiaomi Air2 TWS series, supporting pop-up displays. If the connected device is a Xiaomi MIUI phone, a pop-up window will appear when you open the lid, which will show the specific power of the headset box and the specific power of a single headset, which can be easily checked when you use it.


Xiaomi Mi Air2 SE retains the left and right main ear mode, which allows you to switch back and forth between one and two ears, regardless of which headset is the main headset and which is the secondary headset, so it will be more convenient to use.


More importantly, Xiaomi Mi Air2 SE also retains infrared optical sensors, which will control music playback for you according to your wearing status. When you take off the headphones, the headphones will automatically stop playing music, and when you put on the headphones, the headphones will automatically play music.


To sum up, in terms of experience, I have been using the Xiaomi Mi Air 2S TWS. When I switched to Xiaomi Mi Air2 SE earbuds, I found that the two headphones had almost the same experience, and I felt as if I was using the same headset.


Generally speaking, the configuration of Xiaomi Mi Air2 SE is simpler than that of Xiaomi Mi Air2 S TWS, but it still uses the most critical 14.2mm large-size composite diaphragm moving coil unit, which supports double microphone noise cancellation, binaural wear detection, and MIUI custom pop-up window. Moreover, the addition of binaural synchronous transmission technology greatly reduces the delay rate of Xiaomi Mi Air2 SE, plus the battery life of about 5 hours with a single headset and a maximum of 20 hours. This Xiaomi truly wireless Bluetooth earphone Air2 SE is well worth buying. How do you think?

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