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Xiaomi mi 10 Pro performance Test: what is the strength of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon865 debut?

Nowadays, with the continuous development of the mobile phone industry, users are becoming more and more demanding on them. The tools that once contacted you and me have become the carrier of pan-entertainment and excellent productivity tools. In the face of the various requirements of users, the strong performance of mobile phones is indispensable. When it comes to performance, we have to mention Xiaomi, each generation of flagship is impeccable in performance, once the phrase “born for fever” made many users crazy.

Looking at the mobile phone market, Qualcomm Snapdragon processors account for half of the country, this time, the Xiaomi 10 Pro is equipped with Qualcomm”s latest chip-Snapdragon865. Its new generation of Qualcomm Kryo 585 CPU has up to 25% performance improvement, faster processing speed and higher efficiency; in terms of GPU, the new Adreno 650 GPU has up to 25% faster graphics rendering than the previous platform. It is worth mentioning that Snapdragon865 is also the industry’s first mobile platform to support LPDDR5 memory, helping Xiaomi 10 Pro provide users with higher performance and lower power consumption.

In 2020, Xiaomi 10 Pro launched Qualcomm Snapdragon865 mobile platform, the most powerful debut of the year, Xiaomi 10 Pro can be said to have attracted the attention of countless people. So what kind of spark can be produced by the combination of Xiaomi 10 Pro and Snapdragon865? I believe there are many friends with questions. Today, the author carries out a series of tests on Xiaomi 10 Pro equipped with Snapdragon865 to give you an answer.


All right, needless to say, let’s go straight to the test. According to “international practice”, let’s run a score first. In China, when it comes to running score software, the first thing that comes to mind is definitely AnTuTu. In fact, it is a professional software that scores mobile phones and tablets of iOS and Android systems. Through AnTuTu review, you can get the individual and overall scores of the device, so as to judge the performance level of the hardware.

In the AnTuTu running score, the Xiaomi 10 Pro score is 598509, and the CPU score is 183094 Pro score 221701 Pro score 88217 Pro score 105497. It can be said that it is difficult to find a competitor in similar products, and it is also a leader in flagship mobile phones.

Geekbench 4:

Geekbench 4 provides a comprehensive and accurate measure of processor and memory performance. In this run, the Xiaomi 10 Pro scored 4250 in single core and 13045 in multi-core, much higher than many phones in terms of scores, both single-core and multi-core.

3D Mark:

In order to further test the GPU of the Xiaomi 10 Pro, we used 3D Mark to run the score. In the “Sling Shot EXtreme”, the overall score was 7109, the graphics card score was 8274, and the physical score was 4762, which outperformed 99% of the results of all other devices.


In addition to the top performance, the Xiaomi 10 Pro comes with standard LPDDR5 memory and the latest UFS 3.0flash memory. In addition to the regular speed of reading and writing, LPDDR5 can also reduce power consumption. Especially in the game scene, it can save electricity by 20%. It’s faster to start games, store or record videos.

In the AndroBench storage test, the sequential read speed of Xiaomi 10 Pro can reach 1635.7 MB packs, and the sequential write speed can reach 729.56MB/s. And random read and write speed is also very fast, with faster game loading speed and APP installation speed.

Master Lu:

Finally, we used Master Lu to run a point, and Xiaomi 10 Pro scored 503405, surpassing the overall performance of 99% of the opponents. The results of both CPU and GPU are excellent, and such results and implementation can be easily handled in the face of large-scale 3D games.

Field test:

In order to better reflect the performance of Xiaomi 10 Pro, we have tested some of the more popular games on the market.

“King Honor” as the most popular MOBA mobile game, because it is a MOBA game, 5V5 group war is inevitable, and a variety of skills and special effects are more demanding on mobile phones. If you want to play Masters Honor fluently, if the phone performance is not enough, there will be stutter, frame drop and other bad experiences. After turning on high frame rate mode, ultra-high picture quality, high particle quality and ultra-high resolution, the frame rate of Xiaomi 10 Pro has been very stable in both single-player and multi-player combat.

At present, the most popular “chicken eating” mobile game is “PUBG: stimulating the battlefield”. This game restores the PC version of “PUBG” to the greatest extent, and has higher requirements for mobile phone hardware. In the actual experience, whether in the wild, underwater or indoor, the performance of Xiaomi 10 Pro is remarkable, the fluency is very good, the details of the game picture remain intact and not distorted, the texture of vegetation is relatively clear, there is no picture distortion, and most of the time a game can be stably full of frames.

After “Wild Racing 9” entered the game, the frame rate of the picture was fully set. After the actual test, the Xiaomi 10 Pro performed very well, especially when spraying nitrogen and drifting, there was no drag stutter, and there was no significant frame stutter and other problems.

What are you most afraid of when playing games? of course, there is something wrong with the network. In order to solve the pain point of users, Xiaomi 10 Pro has added WiFi 6 function. It has the advantages of power saving, high speed, better performance in congested areas and so on. 8X8 MU-MIMO technology can also improve the speed of the network when many people share the network, and the situation of “grabbing the network” is gone forever! MultiLink three networks are concurrent, doubling the network speed, and at the same time, it can also improve the stability of the network connection and escort the mobile game players with a price tag.

The Xiaomi 10 Pro also uses a fully stacked loudspeaker design with built-in acoustic intelligent scene recognition to highlight the details of footsteps during the game and maintain sufficient sound details even at the bottom volume. No matter watching movies or playing games, this brand-new listening experience, only after listening to it, do you know what it means to be immersive.

In addition, the Xiaomi 10 Pro in the hardware performance is very outstanding, this piece of high-specification hardware together, the heat emitted is definitely not to be underestimated. In order to suppress the heat caused by high performance, the Xiaomi 10 Pro uses a very “luxurious” cooling system. 6-layer graphite structure, double-layer motherboard + heat dissipation layer, 3000 square millimeter VC heat dissipation board, to ensure a calm performance under high performance.

It is undeniable that Xiaomi 10 Pro is excellent in game performance. With the new generation of Snapdragon Elite Gaming features supported by Snapdragon865, Xiaomi 10 Pro can provide mobile gamers with ultra-high quality end-game-level mobile gaming experience. With a powerful Snapdragon Elite Gaming, a luxurious cooling system, a 6.67in AMOLED high-end flagship screen and fully symmetrical double 1216 linear speakers, Xiaomi 10 Pro users can enjoy a super-flagship experience, regardless of high frame rate or ultra-high picture quality games.

Summary of the full text:

From the above tests, it is not difficult to see that Xiaomi 10 Pro, as today’s top flagship, has the blessing of Snapdragon865 mobile platform, there is no doubt about its performance, and the tacit understanding of the combination of software and hardware is very high. As a milestone in the 10th anniversary of Xiaomi, Xiaomi 10 Pro brings unparalleled high-end flagship experience to users with the full support of Qualcomm 865 mobile platform in terms of performance, 5G, Wi-Fi, AI and games. Today, people can not help but sigh, so many years have passed, it is still that “feverish” Xiaomi.

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