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What will 5G bring in 2020?

On June 6, 2019, China launched the commercial use of 5G network. Under this tide of the times, I became a “special” 5G user at the end of the same year, opening the door to a new world ahead of time.


To be honest, it feels pretty good to be a 5G user on the whole. On the one hand, 5G does bring faster Internet speed, browsing Weibo and playing games are no longer crazy about Internet speed, especially when you look at the download progress bar to be completed steadily and quickly, which is undoubtedly a pleasure. According to my perception, the amount of traffic consumed by 5G is not as exaggerated as I first thought, not to mention the fact that I still use 5G under the premise of 4G card and 4G package.

On the other hand, 5G network also faces some challenges in use, such as the lack of “killer applications” and so on. Of course, as in the 4G era, no one would have thought that 4G could give rise to apps such as mobile payments, bike sharing, short videos, and so on, which have become a part of our lives. As a more advanced communication technology than 4G, 5G has faster network speed, lower latency, larger bandwidth and so on, so its potential is naturally limitless, and the changes brought about by individual users will not be as simple as what I said above.

What are the advantages of 5G?

If you want to be a 5G user, you still need to know what advantages 5G has, how it is better than 4G, and what features have been upgraded.

5G has higher speed, lower delay, larger bandwidth, stronger security and so on, but for ordinary users, the advantages of speed and delay may be more important and easier to perceive. The theoretical limit network speed of 5G is 10 times that of 4G, the former can reach 10Gbit picks, that is, 1.25GB picks, which is already a very fast speed, while the latter is only 1Gbit picks, while the network delay of 4G is 10 times that of 5G, the former is 10ms and the latter is less than 1ms.

However, in the process of practical use, 5G data may be affected by the network, the content source server, the surrounding environment, the number of online users and other factors, so it is normal for the network speed to have a certain volatility. For example, if you download the same video on different video platforms, there may be different download speeds. However, under the premise of the same level of coverage, the download speed of 5G is still faster than that of 4G.

It only takes 1 minute to download to the installation

In the 5G network environment, downloading a mobile game near 1.6GB takes only 1 minute from the start to the automatic jump installation interface, and the download speed can reach 37m games.This kind of download speed is hard to imagine in the actual use of 4G. It is worth noting that this is tested in a densely populated community environment. In addition to speed, 5G actually performs much better in terms of latency than in 4G environments.

Delay in 5G environment

Delay in 4G environment

At the same location, when the same mobile game is opened on 5G and 4G networks, the delay of 5G mobile phone is 38ms and the delay of 4G mobile phone is 50ms. The delay difference of 12ms for 4G mobile phone is very important for mobile games that need real-time operation, such as MOBA mobile games, FPS mobile games, etc., sometimes the delay of 1ms determines the trend of the whole game. And for players, how painful it is when you see the ping value at the top turn yellow and red.

Test location

In addition, the commercial use of 5G actually brings another “hidden benefit”-more antennas. Because 5G has faster download speed and greater throughput, it simply means more data can be transferred at a time. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal use of the network, mobile phone manufacturers often build more antennas in their phones to ensure huge data transmission. if you look carefully, many manufacturers will involve antennas and their number when releasing 5G mobile phones. It is worth noting that with the increase of the number of mobile phone antennas, the stability of mobile phone signal will be improved to a certain extent. To some extent, this is also a kind of good.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, 4G is like a huge infrastructure supporting our Internet life, such as standard mobile payments, ubiquitous outdoor live broadcasts, shared bikes all over the street, joyful short videos. It stimulates our senses almost all the time. If 4G has such energy, what will 5G bring to us?

At this stage, 5G seems to give users only the impression of “fast”, at least in other ways, it seems no different from 4G, which is why I can often hear words like “5G useless” on the Internet. But in my opinion, a “fast” can actually solve a lot of problems.

The problem of development can only be solved through development, the first step of 5G application should be to make up for the lack of 4G, and the high speed of 5G can meet a lot of demand. For example, as I mentioned earlier, downloading and playing games, 1.6GB resources may be downloaded in 1 or 2 minutes, while 4G networks under the same conditions may not have this charm, and this may also change some of our previous habits.

5G speed measurement

When we travel, we tend to download local videos in advance, but if you forget, the long journey can only be spent by sleeping and watching the scenery along the way. On the other hand, in a 5G high-speed environment, you can download it even before you leave. Of course, this is just one of the usage scenarios, as well as surfing the Internet, browsing Weibo, watching videos and so on. Relying on the high-speed network, some everyday things can become more comfortable.

In addition, before 4G killer applications basically began to blow out after popularity, but now 5G is still in the construction stage. It would be biased to deny 5G now. 5G killer applications may be hidden in the problems that 4G cannot solve, and isn”t that what we are good at? As for what these new applications are, I think we can see when 5G develops from the “popularization stage” to the “application stage”, and 2020, as the second year of China’s 5G, will be an important time node.


Although 5G is still in the stage of ubiquitous construction, 5G has begun to bring some perceptible changes to our lives, such as the comfortable experience of high Internet speed, and it turns out that 5G is not out of reach. That’s why I’m confident about the future of 5G. Although some people think that 4G speed is enough, 4G mobile life is good enough, but think about it another way, enough is not necessarily good to use, since 5G can give you better, and unlimited possibilities, why refuse?

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