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Vivo Z6 review: an entry-level 5G phone worth buying.

As the main online + cost-effective model under vivo, the Z-Series has always been committed to devolving better technology to cheaper models, and Z6 inherits this feature well. Ultra-small aperture polar screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon765G 5G chip boost, 48 million all-purpose quad camera, and support dual-mode 5G Netcom, when all these are put in a two-thousand-yuan mobile phone, it is not only a surprise, but also a “shock”.

It seems that the addition of Redmi K30 5G vivo Z6 is good news for 5G phones currently on the market at a price of 2,000 yuan. after all, if 5G phones want to be popular, they will not be able to rely on flagships alone. So, let”s talk about this phone today.

Ultra-small Aperture Polar screen Color Aesthetics turns the trend.

For a long time, the good appearance of the vivo phone has been praised. The vivo Z6 uses the ultra-small aperture pole screen to make the front of the phone have a great visual impact, and the 3D four-curved body design gives the phone a good sense of grip. Vivo Z6 has three colors to choose from: extreme Shadow Black, Interstellar Silver and Ice Age to meet the needs of different people.

On the front, the vivo Z6 uses a 6.57in pole screen with a 20:9 ratio, commonly known as a “hole digging screen”. Many people are not “cold” about this comprehensive screen form, and their feelings affect their perception. In fact, in the actual experience, vivo Z6 often makes people ignore the existence of this “small hole”. Thanks to the opening of the industry-leading front camera of 3.85mm, the screen ratio has reached 90.74%, which also allows us to have a relatively good experience when playing games and watching movies.

To make the positive feel more integrated, the vivo Z6 also uses hidden handsets and sensors. If you do not observe carefully, it is difficult to find its existence, and the design of this detail makes people feel good about the Z6. Of course, there is nothing we can do about the thickness, after all, we have to worry about the battery capacity of the 5000mAh.

As we all know, every year, major manufacturers will launch a number of mobile phones, which also leads to the emergence of “homogenization” problems, sales difference is not much so that consumers inevitably aesthetic fatigue. However, if you are a vivo user, you don’t have to worry at all. This time, the back of vivo Z6 uses nanoscale precision carving technology, allowing thousands of dense and scattered curves to separate tip lenses, cutting out 3D cross-sections from various angles, bringing more levels of light and shadow changes, as long as it can make people feel good-looking.

On the upper left of the back, due to the blessing of the quad camera, the camera matrix has changed, although the arrangement size has increased, but does not affect the aesthetic, black and silver, everything seems so reasonable. In addition, the “vivo 5G” in the lower left corner highlights the extraordinary nature of this phone. It’s not without regret, as you can see, the Z6 uses back fingerprint recognition, but I put up with it considering that the phone is located in an entry-level 5G phone.

Dual-mode 5G Netcom stable network smooth experience.

With the advent of the 5G tide, users’ habits of using mobile phones for storage, entertainment and work have been subverted to a great extent. In view of this, the major manufacturers have launched their own 5G new phones. As a leader in domestic mobile phones, the 5G layout of vivo started as early as 2016, and in 2018, vivo took the lead in the research and development of 5G mobile phone prototypes. Today, vivo devolves the technology to thousands of yuan phones, so that more people can experience the pleasure of 5G.

The network speed of vivo Z6 is quite stable, thanks to the support of Snapdragon765G 5G SoC and supports dual-mode Netcom. Based on the current 5G network layout strategy of domestic operators (SA/NSA parallel), SA/NSA dual-mode can achieve more stable 5G signals. The vivo Z6 also supports dual-card dual-standby, which can intelligently switch between 5G and 4G, even if the 5G signal is not good, it can also switch to the 4G network to maintain a stable network experience.

In addition, vivo Z6 also supports dual WiFi acceleration technology, which can connect two Wi-Fi (2.4G/5G) to one mobile phone at the same time, and can intelligently judge the state of the network through advanced algorithms, resulting in faster download speed, smoother web page loading and more stable game operation. And SLA intelligent network acceleration technology, to achieve 5G+Wi-Fi dual-channel network speed doubling, HPUE also targeted optimization of high-speed rail mode, subway mode, network signals like a shadow, from then on to bid farewell to the unavailability of network connections and game offline worries.

With the arrival of the 5G tide, vivo devolved 5G technology for the first time, this time Z6 benefited from the Snapdragon765G 5G SoC, so that users can experience dual-mode 5G. At the same time, in order to make up for the disadvantage of 5G in terms of power consumption, the Z6 is equipped with a high-capacity 5000mAh battery with a 44W ultra-fast flash charge, which is not the fastest, but the overall charging speed is OK. However, due to the limited time, I haven’t had time to finish the power consumption of this machine.

The performance is enough for long life and strong heat dissipation.

The actual performance of the SoC,Snapdragon765G 5G, as a mid-range product, is pretty good. According to the running score of AnTuTu, the score of Z6 is 322392, in which CPU score is 108905, GPU score is 94272 and UX score is 59551. With such achievements, the common large-scale games on the market can generally live in handle. In addition, the addition of Multi-Turbo 3.0 can also play an accelerated role. After entering the game, the picture quality frame rate setting is full, there is no drag stutter and other problems, and the game is not afraid for a long time, after all, it also has a liquid-cooled heat dissipation system.

In order to actually experience the performance of vivo Z6, the author downloaded “Wild Racing 9” and filled the frame rate setting after entering the game. After the actual test, vivo Z6 performed very well, especially in nitrogen spray, drift, no drag stutter, and no significant frame drop stutter and other problems.

It is worth mentioning that, in view of the heat dissipation problem during the game, vivo Z6 adopts the PC super liquid cooling system, which cooperates with the super liquid cooling system to effectively improve the heat dissipation environment of the whole machine. Cooling Turbo intelligent thermal management strategy can not only ensure the experience of temperature rise, but also greatly improve performance.

Ultra clear quad camera full scene..

When it comes to taking pictures, vivo has always been well received. This time, vivo Z6 inherits the characteristics of the family, using 48 million ultra-clear main camera + 112 °anti-distortion ultra-wide-angle lens + 4cm ultra-macro lens + independent portrait depth-of-field lens. Although the book parameters are general, it is better than the complete configuration. Let’s take a look at the sample.

How can you take more shocking photos in the face of a big scene? The answer is ultra-wide-angle mode. Vivo Z6 equipped with 112 °anti-distortion ultra-wide-angle lens, the picture contains more content, the picture tension performance is still good.

In the indoor sample, vivo Z6 can accurately restore the naked eye, the balance between highlight and dark is well grasped, the overall picture is bright and clear, and the details of the dark are still visible.

Although the weather is not very good, it does not hinder the imaging level of the vivo Z6. The overall picture performance is good, and the performance is remarkable at the price of 2000 yuan.

New systems and new upgrades lead a new intelligent life.

Vivo Z6 is equipped with the newly upgraded Funtouch OS 10 operating system, which is based on the principle of “universal, easy to use and comfortable”. The desktop icon is stylized and brings a number of innovative and intelligent applications. In addition, a natural transition animation is provided in the whole system, which is more smart in the process of operation.

Now that we’re talking about innovative smart applications, let’s see what we have. The collection magnetic nail can provide vivo Z6 users with the service of reading and watching later, effectively improving the efficiency of multi-task and multi-item processing of users; the classic intelligent map recognition adds a garbage classification function, so that dry and wet garbage can be accurately identified by the camera, so that users no longer feel distressed about garbage classification.

In Funtouch OS 10, Jovi has also been enhanced, users can experience simple and natural intelligent control and efficient and unified device management services through Jovi, Jovi can identify users coming home or leaving home, turn on or off the lights or air conditioners in the living room for users, and create a convenient and comfortable home experience.

In addition to the above, Funtouch OS 10 has many interesting and practical features, which I will not list here. Vivo is committed to meeting the needs of users in different scenarios and improving the efficiency of their operations. The rest of the small features are basically the same as other vivo phones, although the system does not look good, but the ease of use is still very ok.

Summary of the full text:

Overall, the vivo Z6 meets many people’s expectations for entry-level 5G phones. Although the Z6 is not flawless, it smells good considering the support for dual-mode 5G, 48 million ultra-clear quad camera and 5000mAh batteries. Configuration is on the one hand, in fact, more or the low threshold brought by the price. After all, in China, if you want to popularize 5G, you may have to see 20XX if you rely on flagship aircraft alone.

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