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The birth of a lollipop! Record the sweetness of little girls with Canon EOS M6.

This time we came to the baking kitchen, the goal is to make a kind of chocolate lollipop and cupcake with excellent appearance and taste. In fact, it is not difficult to make them. There are no complicated and delicate procedures, and the place that needs the most attention is to decorate the appearance of lollipops and cupcakes. This is also the most attractive thing about baking, making many very beautiful cakes and lollipops by yourself. Finally, give this thought to the beloved to express your heart.

Preparatory work.

Pre-preparation work still requires some patience, oh, need to prepare cake-making raw materials, ovens, cooking utensils, decorations and other small items. What if you want to make a cake without being dazed by all kinds of preparation materials and leaving a perfect image of the making process? EOS M6 may be able to solve this problem, after all, it is so small that it can be mastered with one hand, and the single machine body is only about 343g, so it is easy to shoot with one hand.

The first step in making a cake is to beat eggs. The prepared materials include raw eggs, granulated sugar, flour and other materials. At the same time, we can take a “family photo” for them and put EOS M6 on a tripod. The operation is very easy, and there is no need to adjust the parameters complicately. move your fingers to poke at the screen to complete the photo shoot! For example, when cooking at home, ask the child to help hold it, through the touch screen shooting can easily avoid the problem of out-of-focus, using the child”s perspective to record the trivialities of life!

Speaking of the Canon EOS M6 that I just bought, this is a SLR-free single-electric camera. What I like is that it is small and portable, and the SLR camera is too big to hold. The Canon EOS M6 is just right and can be mastered in one hand. It is easy to use a large zoom lens with 18-150mm, and I am not tired around my neck.

When making chocolate lollipops and cupcakes, the early preparations are very similar. the first step is to beat eggs, make the bottom of the cake, put the eggs, sugar, low-fat flour and other raw materials into the bowl, turn the egg beater in the same direction, and let the egg beater stir well, while the reason in the same direction is to avoid bubbles and make the cake more soft and delicious.

When the eggs are stirred well, we add the remaining low-fat flour to stir. After stirring well again, pour the egg paddles evenly into the tray, then put them in the oven and bake.

In the shop front of the baking kitchen, many children also take advantage of the weekend holidays to participate in parent-child activities with their parents. Lively and lovely children often come to see how the cake made by their elder sister is and whether it is beautiful or not. Holding a Canon EOS M6 non-reflective camera, the autofocus ability of its full-pixel dual-core CMOS AF allows us to capture many moving moments, and its accurate focusing ability allows us to get better photos when snapping.

As the light of the shooting site is not very good, the high sensitivity of Canon EOS M6 is needed to avoid hand shaking photos, and the results are also very good. Most of the above pictures are taken above ISO2500, or even with ultra-high sensitivity as high as ISO 6400. The photos taken do not have a very rough feeling. After tonal adjustment is added in the phone, Put it beautifully in the moments, and won numerous praise votes easily.

After 15 minutes of baking, the bottom of the cake is out of the oven! The whole is not bad, it is comparable to what is bought outside, and the most important thing is to control the raw materials themselves. It’s fresh, and it’s more reassuring to eat. After waiting for the cake to cool, let’s make the appearance of the lollipop.

Canon EOS M6 standard equipped with a large set of camera lens, Canon EF-M18-150mm finning 3.5 IS STM is not only very small in size, but also supports certain macro functions. Recently, the focus distance is only 0.25cm. When shooting with 150mm focal length, we can get the largest macro shot. When shooting some cake close-ups, we can easily shoot a beautiful picture quality. The lens editor feels that it is the most practical and cost-effective lens in Canon’s mirrorless camera.

After waiting to cool, cut the cake in half, shaped like two semicircles, and stick it in the middle with chocolate paste. After waiting for the chocolate to cool, the two cakes are glued together, and hot chocolate is uniformly scorched on the surface of the cake, and then you can put some small candies on the surface to decorate.

When the chocolate is not completely dry, we decorate the lollipop. The surface of the chocolate lollipop is still liquid and reflective, which often affects our shooting. However, Canon EOS M6 uses full-pixel dual-core CMOS AF technology, which can still quickly and clearly capture the focus of the picture and focus decisively, giving us a very excellent shooting experience and ensuring the quality of photos.

In addition to the traditional brown chocolate, there are white chocolate, matcha-flavored chocolate, strawberry-flavored chocolate, and colorful little candies, resulting in an attractive and delicious DIY lollipop flow cake. Quickly take some beautiful close-up photos with Canon EOS M6, .

We know that Canon EOS M6 uses a 24.2 million pixel CMOS image sensor, which is also a test of the color expression ability of the image sensor for the colorful appearance of the lollipop. Canon EOS M6 still live up to expectations, still gives us a very good picture quality performance, whether pink, red, blue, yellow, green and other different color ornaments, can be very gorgeous in the photos taken by the camera. When we shared it on WeChat moments and Weibo, many friends left messages saying that it was very well done, and even after seeing the photos, some friends praised the beautiful ability to open a shop and teach. Hee hee, it is estimated that opening a bakery like this will close down, right?

Relying on the strong strength of Canon EOS M6 in high sensitivity, even if the indoor light is insufficient, the picture quality is still very good, the color representation ability is very strong, it is easy to take good-looking photos, and the focus speed is very fast, and there is no out-of-focus situation.

In addition to being able to make lollipop cakes in the bakery, making Cupcake is also very simple, just changing to a larger cake embryo, matching color with food pigment and cream, and squeezing on the surface of the cake.

The above is Cupcake, with a blue-purple gradient cream, although it is not a colorful color, but only two color gradient cakes, the cupcake is also very beautiful, and our hand-made cake, and then shot through the professional Canon EOS M6, it is even more colorful. it is even more colorful, although it is not a colorful color, but only two color gradient cakes, the cupcakes are also very beautiful, and our hand-made cakes are photographed by professional Canon EOS M6. .

After the lollipops are done, we will definitely send them to moments and Weibo to share with our friends. On Canon EOS M6, we can upload them directly to Weibo through Wi-Fi, so that friends can immediately know how beautiful our lollipops are.

If you want to eat healthily, it’s best to do it yourself! Of course, I have to cook myself and show off in front of Wechat’s friends! Since we have the lightweight Canon EOS M6, we can not only take ultra-high quality photos, but also take pictures while cooking delicious food. The machine’s convenient touch screen and Wi-Fi functions, sharing on social media, no longer need to be operated by computer, so it is very practical.

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