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Tencent Blackshark Game Mobile phone 3 Series: it has become the look in the minds of players.

On the evening of March 3, Tencent Blackshark Game Mobile phone 3 series was unveiled. This time the black shark changed from the past, through Tencent black shark 3 and Tencent black shark 3 Pro these two mobile phones, to show us what the game phone should look like. Leading performance, exclusive game optimization a lot. Whether they can become a good heart for mobile gamers, we might as well move on.

Still classic black shark design.

When you first see them, you must feel full of “familiarity”. A round screen on the front of the fuselage can provide a good grip feel and a black edge of equal width, which not only avoids the mistouch in the process of horizontal screen, but also provides space for double loudspeakers. Most importantly, when the flagship mobile phone is widely popularized and has a high refresh rate in 2020, the Tencent Blackshark 3 series also supports the 90Hz refresh rate, fully demonstrating what a flagship mobile phone should look like.

Tencent Blackshark Game Mobile phone 3 Series.

It is worth mentioning that the Blackshark Game Mobile 3 also provides a special mode of intelligent 90Hz. In this mode, the system will intelligently adjust the display strategy according to different application scenarios. For example, when playing games and watching videos, Blackshark 3 will automatically use the 90Hz refresh rate, while when reading novels and browsing pictures, the system will automatically switch to the 60Hz refresh rate, which also greatly improves the battery life performance of the whole machine.

Tencent Blackshark Game Mobile phone 3 supports 90Hz refresh rate.

In terms of parameters, the screen size of Tencent Blackshark Game phone 3 should be able to meet the daily game needs of players, with a 6.67-inch 1080p screen, slightly larger than the previous generation. The 7. 1-inch screen of the Blackshark game phone 3 Pro, which supports 2K resolution and the high refresh rate of 90Hz, can better show the characteristics of Pro.

Tencent Blackshark Game Mobile 3.

In order to provide a better experience for heavy gamers, the black shark still brings us a number of eye protection technologies. First of all, the classic DC dimming can be retained, coupled with TureView screen color intelligent adjustment, can also provide players with the best screen look and feel. In addition, the screen of Tencent Black Shark 3 has also been color calibrated, and has also passed the certification of HDR10+ “s Xi standard and Rhine’s low blue light eye protection certification. The blessing of multiple eye protection technology is only to provide a better gaming experience for heavy players.

Tencent Blackshark Game Mobile phone 3 Series.

As for the “X” texture on the back, coupled with the design of metal and glass, it is already the inherent design language of Blackshark game phones. Looking closely at the two “triangular areas”, Tencent Games, Blackshark and 5G logo, under the rear triple camera, above also fully show the pride of the black shark. After all, the naming includes the word “Tencent”, which also tells us that this mobile phone is the result of the cooperation between Blackshark and Tencent Games.

In fact, after the hand, the design of the upper and lower triangle also has many advantages, it can not only achieve the extreme symmetrical design, but also provide a completely consistent left-handed and right-handed feel when holding the horizontal screen.

Careful friends may find that the logo of Blackshark 3 is a little different from that of previous phones. This is because Blackshark upgraded its brand before the launch, and what we saw on Blackshark 3 is the brand new logo. Of course, as the classic element of e-sports ‘s mobile phone, the RGB lamp should be preserved, but the RGB lamp of the black shark 3 series is more concise than before, leaving only the logo lamp. In addition, the 3.5mm headphone interface missing from the previous generation of Blackshark 2 Pro has been returned in Blackshark 3, and our 3.5mm headphones can continue to be used on this phone.

Tencent Blackshark Game Mobile 3.

Tencent Blackshark Game Mobile 3 Pro.

Overall, the appearance of the black shark game phone series 3 is still the hard core style that we are familiar with, and people can see its surging performance hidden in the heart at a glance. I think this is also the reason why the majority of players are keen on game phones.

Strong performance + game optimization is indispensable.

As the latest game phone, there is no doubt about its performance. Let’s quickly go through the parameters of the black shark game phone series 3. The phone is equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon865 mobile platform and comes standard with LPDDR5 memory and UFS 3.0 flash memory. These top hardware, which appeared in 2020, have laid a solid foundation for a good gaming experience.

Tencent black shark game mobile phone 3 series running points.

After the running score measurement, Tencent Black Shark 3 scored 577704 points in AnTuTu, and Tencent Black Shark 3 Pro scored 560444 points. In the GeekBench 5 benchmark, there is little difference between the two scores, and the scores of nearly 900points in a single core and 3200 points in a multi-core are also in line with our expectations.

Tencent black shark game mobile phone 3 series running points.

Obviously, players’ requirement for a game phone is not only “strong performance”, but also a number of optimization programs specially designed for players. Black Shark has previously announced a cooperation with Tencent Mobile phone, and Tencent Black Shark 3 series is the best manifestation of the cooperation between the two. The Black Shark 3 series are equipped with “Black Shark exclusive performance engine” and “Tencent Games SolarCore engine”. By coordinating the phone’s software system and underlying hardware resources, the Blackshark 3 series can be finely tuned around the startup, loading or group warfare of the game, greatly improving the fluency of the game. If you are a loyal player of Tencent mobile games and like to swim in the Canyon of Kings or the Jedi Island, then Tencent Blackshark 3 series will certainly bring you a more stable gaming experience.

Why do I like to use black shark cell phone to play chicken eating? It is because it is a small number of mobile phones in the industry that support screen pressure function. I don’t even need to click on the screen, just swipe on the screen and press it again to “open the lens” while moving.

Tencent Blackshark Game Mobile phone Series 3 supports screen pressure.

This time, Tencent Black Shark 3 further enhances the pressure experience. By adding sensors and optimizing the pressure sensing algorithm, except for the central area of the screen that cannot be touched by fingers, the pressure control area of Tencent Black Shark 3 series basically covers the whole screen.

And on this basis, Tencent Blackshark 3 series also added voice control function. For example, if you say “medication” and “grenade”, you can trigger the corresponding key position and move your mouth to complete more operations. Of course, at present, we use the built-in functions of “using projectiles”, “using drugs”, “opening backpacks” and “switching weapons”, and the voice of these functions cannot be customized. If the official voice customization feature can be opened in the future, it may further enhance the game experience.

Tencent Blackshark 3 series supports voice control.

Of course, what surprises me most is the Tencent Blackshark game phone 3 Pro, because it is equipped with the design of double game entity buttons. Buttons can be raised automatically when running mobile games, and physical buttons provide a more realistic touch than capacitive or pressure-sensitive buttons, turning the phone into a real game console.

Tencent Blackshark Game Mobile phone 3 Pro is equipped with physical buttons.

Of course, a large number of mechanical structures also bring a disadvantage, that is, the weight of the fuselage will increase significantly. Coupled with the 7.1in large screen and 5000mAh’s large battery, Tencent Blackshark game phone 3 Pro weighs 253g. After my measurement, it is not easy to put this phone in my pocket, plus the weight of half a jin, you should be careful in the process of using it to avoid breaking it. Perhaps, wearing an official protective shell should be a good choice.

The leading game performance naturally needs a good heat dissipation system to support, and the heat dissipation ability of Tencent Black Shark 3 series is also worthy of attention. This time, the black shark 3 series uses the central axis motherboard design, supplemented by positive and negative liquid cooling tubes to cover the key heat sources. We can think of this system as a sandwich. The upper and lower slices of bread are equivalent to liquid-cooled heat pipes, and the meat slices in the middle are big heating producers such as SoC.

The heat of the black shark phone is concentrated in the logo position.

From the point of view of the heat dissipation effect, the motherboard design of the central axis does bring a new game experience. After 15 minutes of testing of the AnTuTu grill, the hottest position of the whole machine is the black shark logo position, while in the horizontal screen grip, we basically do not hold the hottest position, which will not affect the feel of playing the game. And compared with other mobile phones, the temperature control of Blackshark Game Mobile 3 is also commendable. Running “Game for Peace” at room temperature 24 ℃ for 15 minutes, the maximum temperature of the backplane of Black Shark 3 was only 39.9 degrees Celsius, in line with expectations.

Tencent black shark 3 Pro+ heat dissipation back clip.

Tencent black shark 3 + heat dissipation back clip.

If you are still not satisfied with the temperature of the backplane, you might as well get a cooler feeling with the help of accessories. The previously released ice-sealed heat dissipation back clip can also be used in Tencent Blackshark Game Mobile 3. Moreover, the heat dissipation back clip can also fit perfectly with the high heat area of the mobile phone. The heat in the fuselage can be emitted at the first time.

Nowadays, the picture quality of mobile games is getting better and better, which also puts forward a new test for battery life. The black shark game mobile phone 3 and the black shark game mobile phone 3 Pro are equipped with 4720mAh and 5000mAh batteries respectively, providing more possibilities for long-term games.

Tencent Black Shark 3.

As we all know, no matter how big the battery is, there will be a day when it runs out. Black Shark Game phone Series 3 is a standard 65W charger that can help us recover in the fastest possible time. Officials say it only takes 12 minutes to recharge 50% of the battery, and the phone can be resurrected with blood as soon as you drink a glass of water after the game.

The black shark pioneered the “series charge and release” double battery fast charge scheme.

All this is inseparable from the “series charge and release” double battery fast charge scheme pioneered by the black shark. The mobile phone is charged in series to ensure the fast charging speed of the dual battery, and automatically switch the dual battery to parallel mode when not charging, ensuring the stability of the dual battery discharge and further improving the battery life ability.

Meet the photo performance of daily use.

Nowadays, using a mobile phone to take pictures has become a daily operation, so even a game phone should have a good photo performance. The black shark game phone series 3 standard rear triple camera, three cameras are 64 million pixel main shot, 13 million pixel ultra-wide-angle lens and 5 million pixel depth-of-field lens.

Tencent Black Shark 3 Pro sample.

Tencent Black Shark 3 Pro sample.

Tencent Black Shark 3 Pro sample.

In a nutshell, the photo performance of Tencent Black Shark Game Mobile phone 3 series is still good. When taking daily photos, Tencent Black Shark 3 will output a 12-megapixels photo through four-in-one pixels. At this time, the color of the photo looks fuller and more pleasing to the eye. In addition, the brand-new ultra-wide-angle lens can also help us to take more magnificent landscape photos to meet the shooting needs of different scenes.


In comparison, Blackshark Game Mobile 3 is a flagship game with excellent comprehensive experience, and its strong hardware performance, coupled with the design of the pressure screen, has significantly improved the game experience. Coupled with the support for dual-mode 5G network, Blackshark Game Mobile 3 will become a bucket-level game phone in 2020. As for the black shark game mobile phone 3 Pro, through a larger screen and innovative physical button design, the mobile game playing method has once again taken to a new level, and it has indeed become the look in the minds of players. Of course, the resulting large body, heavier weight and higher product prices are also objective problems, so whether this phone can become your new choice may have to be based on your actual needs.

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