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Sogou AI Recorder Review: What Changes Will it Bring?

The secretary of the house found that people have many means of recording life, such as photos, video, voice, painting, and text. Among them, the diary is the one we are all familiar with, and with the change of the means of science and technology, is there a new way to replace the original text diary?

The answer is yes, recorder, is a good choice, and, with the addition of AI technology, AI recorder can bring not only voice records, but also synchronized access to text. Recently, the little secretary of the house began to fall in love with such a new way to record life, and enjoyed it. That is the colorful version of Sogou”s AI recorder that I just got. Next, let me share some tips with you about how to use it.

Lightweight and colorful more suitable for carrying

Before this, the AI recording pen launched by Sogou is more dark color matching, not only Sogou, many similar products, have adopted dark color matching, such color matching may be more calm, serious temperament from a commercial point of view, however, at present, more and more young users have become the audience group of artificial intelligence electronic products. Rich and colorful color matching has become one of the main considerations for users to choose, especially such a small AI recording pen, the most practical scene is to be kept at hand at any time, even sandwiched on the collar, or hanging around the neck, always think of any wonderful ideas, can be picked up by voice to record.

This kind of experience is actually not difficult to achieve, but the difficulty is how to make users willingly wear the AI recording pen as a kind of accessories. Obviously, Sogou AI recording pen dazzling color version did it! The newly launched bright yellow, warm red and pure white can better match users’ preferences and even clothing taste, especially when traveling with a recording pen for travel notes, it is easier to use, and it is not abrupt when wearing it on the body. it’s even a finishing touch.

While ensuring a beautiful and generous appearance, the dazzling color version of Sogou’s AI recording pen is also very convenient. The total weight is only 16.7g, no matter how to wear it, there will be no extra sense of weight. The one-piece backclip design, which won the IF Design Award, expands the way the recorder can be worn. You can clip it in your collar, in your coat pocket, in your handbag, in your backpack, and in a word, you can clip it as much as you want. In the range of

2 meters, the radio is clear and the noise filtering is excellent

In addition to the good-looking, Sogou AI recording pen dazzling color version in the core functions, will not lose to the traditional recording equipment. The use of all-digital high-sensitive microphone, and through the dual microphone array to enhance, coupled with deeply customized sound pick-up algorithm, so that Sogou AI recording pen dazzling version can accurately capture the sound within 2 meters, and a high degree of restoration.


On the other hand, Sogou self-developed SmartVoice digital noise reduction algorithm, but also to achieve a high-fidelity restoration of the human voice. In the actual test, within 2 meters, all the recording effects are clear and accurate, which is no less than the traditional recording equipment. And, in a multi-person conversation scene, you can clearly hear whose voice it is, and generally speaking, the recognition is quite good.

In addition, in the process of measurement, the house secretary also found that no matter the distance, as long as in a certain range, can well hear long-distance sound and close-range sound, but the overall clarity is the same, which can not help but be surprised.

While listening and writing the mood diary with high accuracy

Confirmed the recording effect on the basis of nothing to say, and Zai Xiaomi began to test the AI function that he was more interested in. Since it is called a AI recorder, where are its only function points? First of all, based on Sogou’s algorithm, the recording is converted into text in real time, which is a killer-level application scene. You can learn about the powerful function of Sogou’s AI recording pen dazzling version


On the APP page.Why would you say that? That’s because this feature minimizes the time it takes to convert a recording into text. It not only saves the cost of time, but also saves a lot of money. It is understood that in the recording and transcription industry, the average price is 20 yuan per hour, and Sogou AI recording pen can provide free recording and transcription service within this year.

In the actual test, the house secretary chose to record some of the experience of returning to “World of Warcraft nostalgic clothes” by hand-holding, dictation and transliteration, and obtained the following text content, as shown below:


Is a real-time rewrite on the left.

Automatically corrected after transliteration is completed on the right. In this test, we can see that, as shown in the picture, the overall recognition accuracy is quite good. Moreover, it is a good way to record some daily life experiences, emotional excitement, travel experiences, etc., in this way. With its colorful appearance, the little secretary likes to call it a “colorful diary”.

Of course, in addition to listening and writing, Sogou AI recording pen dazzling version also supports recording first and then transferring text. In the actual test, a two-hour recording was completed in less than 10 minutes. This speed is quite surprising to the secretary of the house.

Chinese and English real-time dialogue translation

Business office is also a good hand

In addition to being used in travel notes and diaries to record users’ lives, Zhai Xiaomi found that Sogou’s dazzling version of AI recording pen is also good at office work. After the transliteration of the recording in the text, the app side used with Sogou’s AI recording pen can automatically distinguish different speakers, segment the text and filter out some modal particles at the same time. This intelligence improves access to text.

At the same time, with the one-click multi-platform sharing function, the text content can be easily shared with colleagues, classmates, etc., so as to further improve the efficiency of the office. These functions are incomparable to the traditional recording pen.

In addition, with the enterprise-class encrypted cloud storage solution provided by Tencent Cloud, Sogou AI recorder can automatically back up the recording data to the cloud at any time, without having to worry about the loss of power during recording, resulting in the loss of previous recordings. at the same time, both mobile and computer devices can synchronize cloud recording data to further meet the management and sharing of a variety of devices.

Type-C charging interface

In practical use, the feeling of the secret is that such a power outage is not so easy to occur. In the process of actual use, the house secretary found that Sogou AI recording pen dazzling color version of the battery life is quite good. I recharged once, recorded for several hours every day for a week, and even forgot to turn off the recorder one day. Its electricity is still around 70%, which is a satisfactory performance. According to the official laboratory data, Sogou AI recording dazzling version of the battery life can be as long as 20 days.

In addition, Sogou’s AI recorder can not only convert recordings into text, but also achieve simultaneous interpretation between Chinese and English, and even translate foreign speeches into Chinese in real time. The test results are as follows:

Chinese-English simultaneous interpretation APP interface screenshot

From the results, it is also satisfactory. In addition, all real-time translations can support multi-person access, and even those who are not on the scene can check the translation results at any time, isn’t it very convenient?


.After this period of experience, the secretary has really loved the dazzling version of Sogou’s AI recording pen, and he is a good companion whether he is interviewing and recording at work, or recording bits and pieces of life, creative ideas, and so on. Colorful appearance, will not feel silly to wear, but also can be well integrated into the life scene, in the work will not appear not enough dignified, in life, will not appear too rigid. In terms of function, it is not only easy to record, but also convenient to convert the recording into text. On the one hand, it has the custody of voice materials, on the other hand, it also has the recording of the text, so it can kill many birds with one stone. At the same time, both the mobile phone and the computer can be viewed and sorted out, which also facilitates the basic experience of the user. At the same time, there is simultaneous interpretation in both Chinese and English, which further expands the scope of application of Sogou’s AI recorder. Generally speaking, this is a product that a little secretary is willing to recommend to colleagues and friends around you to buy and use. If you also need a life and work record assistant, there is no doubt that Sogou AI recording pen dazzling version will be a good choice!

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