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Samsung Galaxy S20 Series getting started: it is your preferred flagship in 2020.

Samsung Galaxy S20 series.

This year, Samsung still brought us three S20 series phones. Compared with last year”s Samsung S10 series, the Samsung Galaxy S20 series has been upgraded in terms of appearance design, photo quality and hardware performance. Moreover, Samsung has also carefully polished the details of the product this time, and Samsung has also made a lot of efforts in some places that we do not pay attention to. Such a flagship mobile phone should be recognized by more consumers.

Maybe you didn’t have time to watch this press conference, and you don’t have a full understanding of this flagship phone, so let me show you carefully about this new flagship at the beginning of the year. I believe that after reading the following, you will also have a more comprehensive understanding of this year’s Samsung Galaxy S20 series phones.

Appearance: continue the classic, matrix design eye-catching.

Users who are familiar with Samsung mobile phones know that Samsung S-series products have formed a set of their own design language. This year, Samsung brought us products such as the Samsung Galaxy S20, the Samsung Galaxy S20 + and the Galaxy S20 Ultra. All three phones have a double-sided glass body, which conveys to us what the flagship phone should look like.

Samsung Galaxy S20 series.

In the choice of color matching, Samsung Galaxy S20 series also carries out the characteristics of young fashion, such as pink, blue, gray and black, which can also meet the actual needs of different consumers.

It is worth noting that the Samsung Galaxy S20 series all use the popular matrix multi-camera combination. However, due to the different number of mobile cameras, the camera matrix design of the three mobile phones is also slightly different. However, as far as the overall perception is concerned, there is not much difference between the three.

Samsung Galaxy S20 series.

Smart phone has become one of the most frequently used electronic products, and the quality of the mobile phone screen also determines the actual experience of a mobile phone. The Samsung Galaxy S20 series is equipped with a hole-digging screen design, and the hollowed-out position is similar to that of the Samsung Note10, located in the middle of the screen and looks more symmetrical. And at a time when the high refresh rate is becoming more and more popular, Samsung Galaxy S20 series is equipped with standard 120Hz refresh rate screens. Higher screen refresh rate, so that we can get a more delicate and smooth effect in the process of sliding, and we can also have a more “follow-up” experience during operation.

Samsung Galaxy S20 adopts hole digging screen design.

In terms of screen size, the three phones use 6.2inch (Samsung Galaxy S20), 6.7inch (Samsung Galaxy S20 +) and 6.9inch screen (Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra). This year, Samsung has completely eliminated small-screen phones, with the smallest screen size of 6.2 inches, which may also be the consensus of the entire mobile phone industry.

Samsung Galaxy S20 series.

Of course, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra with a 6.9-inch screen also makes me curious about the Note series in the second half of the year. From this phone, the screen size gap between the S series and the N series will no longer exist, but the different positioning of the two also meets the needs of different consumers.

Photo: leapfrog, 100 million pixels show strong ability.

Nowadays, taking pictures has become a rigid demand of consumers, whether it is sharing life or recording the wonderful things around them, it is inseparable from a powerful image system. This year, Samsung Galaxy S20 series has also made all-round improvements to the camera, only to provide users with a flagship photo experience.

Samsung Galaxy S20 series.

Let’s first take a look at Samsung Galaxy S20 and Samsung Galaxy S20 +. Samsung Galaxy S20 with rear triple camera, Samsung Galaxy S20 + with rear quad camera. Both phones are equipped with a 12 megapixels main camera + 64 million pixel telephoto lens + 12 megapixels ultra wide angle lens. Samsung Galaxy S20 + only adds a ToF lens to this. When taking portrait photos, the ToF lens can help us take a more natural portrait.

The shooting experience of the main camera of most flagship models has been satisfactory, but in some environments, we still need to shoot beautiful scenery from afar. This time, both Samsung Galaxy S20 and Samsung Galaxy S20 + support 3x optical zoom and up to 30x digital zoom, making it easy to shoot far away, even if they are far apart.

Samsung Galaxy S20.

In order to improve the fun of taking pictures, Samsung Galaxy S20 series also added “Single Take” mode. In this mode, we can shoot nine different photo formats at once, and never miss those fleeting moments.

Maybe many people think that Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 + are not “extreme” enough. Despite the addition of a 64 million-pixel telephoto lens, the two phones still use the “ancestral 12-megapixels main camera”. If you feel the same way, take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. As the new flagship model added this year, the hardware of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra can be said to be “stacking” to the extreme. The phone uses a 108 million-pixel main camera, supplemented by a 48 million-pixel periscope telephoto lens, a 12-megapixels ultra-wide-angle lens and a ToF lens to meet the shooting needs of the full scene.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

The 108 million-pixel main camera has a 1.33-inch outsole. During daily shooting, with the help of pixel four-in-one technology, the main camera using the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra can directly output a more colorful 27 million-pixel photo. Of course, we can also turn on the high-pixel mode directly in the shooting interface and output a 100-megapixel photo.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra supports up to 10x optical zoom and up to 100x digital zoom.

There are already phones on the market with a 100-megapixel camera, but a phone with a 100-megapixel main camera and a 48 million-pixel periscope lens should be the only Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. With the help of this periscope telephoto lens, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra supports up to 10x optical zoom and up to 100x digital zoom. More interestingly, Samsung also gave it the vivid name “SPACE ZOOM”. Although we all know that it can’t photograph the universe, it must be more than enough to use 100x zoom to photograph the starry sky and the moon.

The combination of “100-megapixel main camera + periscope lens” shows us Samsung’s determination to build an image flagship. Elements such as “100 megapixel” and “100x zoom” have also enabled Samsung to prove its strength through this Galaxy S20 Ultra,.

Hardware: flagship performance.

When the time comes to 2020, it obviously doesn’t make sense if the flagship products don’t support 5G networks. The Samsung Galaxy S20 series of standard Octa-Core heart CPU, support dual-mode 5G (NSA/SA), which is also in line with previous expectations. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 + are equipped with the highest 12GB RAM, while the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is equipped with the highest 16GB RAM. It can be said that Samsung has brought the best hardware to the Galaxy S20 series.

Samsung Galaxy S20 series has good thickness control.

With such a strong hardware performance, the battery life of mobile phones is also a big test. Through the parameters, it is not difficult to see that Samsung Galaxy S20 also brings us a big surprise in terms of battery life. The Samsung Galaxy S20 with a 6.2inch screen has a built-in 4000mAh battery, and the Samsung Galaxy S20battery with a 6.7inch screen has a built-in 4500mAh battery. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, which has the largest screen ruler, has an oversized 5000mAh battery built into it. With such battery capacity, a single charge must be able to meet the daily use of a whole day.

Of course, Samsung’s classic wireless fast charging and reverse wireless charging also appear in the Galaxy S20 series, which, after all, is the flagship, so it is natural to achieve perfection in all aspects.

Write at the end.

This year’s Samsung Galaxy S20 series is definitely an upgrade full of sincerity. In particular, the new Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, successfully set the flagship benchmark for 2020 through powerful hardware such as 100 million pixel camera and 48 million pixel periscope telephoto. If you are a person who loves to use a mobile phone to record your life and share things with others, I think this mobile phone will be the best choice for you.

Samsung Galaxy S20 series.

Samsung Galaxy S20 and Samsung Galaxy S20 are more like a standard upgrade. New hardware and new designs may be missing some eye-catching elements, but strong comprehensive performance, as well as Samsung’s consistent good software experience, can also prompt many consumers to switch to new phones.

It is not difficult to find that Samsung Galaxy S20 series has abandoned the “small screen flagship” product line. Even the Samsung Galaxy S20, whose positioning is equivalent to that of last year’s Samsung Galaxy S10e, uses a 6.2inch screen. Obviously, “big screen” has become the trend of the entire mobile phone industry, as the first batch of Note series of large screens known as Samsung, will naturally comply with the trend. However, this does not mean that Samsung will give up users of small-screen phones. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, another product at this event, takes care of some consumers who prefer small-screen phones through the design of folding screens, which may also reflect the product strategy of Samsung, which has a strong grasp of multiple screen technologies in the coming years– to create a variety of phone forms through folding screens, and then expand its user base.

At present, the prices of the national versions of Samsung Galaxy S20 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip have not been released, and if Samsung can still provide consumers with a sincere price, as it did last year, as it did last year, I think there will be many consumers who will choose this year’s new flagship as the first choice for replacement.

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