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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 falls down, Xiaomi Mi Note 2 rises up!

I have to say Xiaomi Mi Note 2 really surprised me the first time I saw it. The 5.7-inch dual curved display, the front and rear 3D curved glasses, and the high-end simple design really attracted my eyeballs. What a beautiful device!


What surprised me more was the configuration of this smartphone. It is powered by the Snapdragon 821 processor, 6GB RAM+128GB ROM, running on the latest Android 6.0 system. All these make the Note 2 much faster.

22.56 MP rear camera is unbelievable, it can seize the whole real vivid world with exact details. 4K video anti-shock capture is awesome! 4070mAh huge battery capacity is the first large capacity battery I have ever seen. It absolutely can satisfy all your needs. HD quality audio fully ensures you a theater level sound effect. How amazing! The GPS navigation function can lead you anywhere and won’t loose signal even in a tunnel. The black high technology is powerful like they say!

Although the design of Mi Note 2 is similar to Samsung Galaxy Note 7, we have to admit that the appearance is stunning. You should know that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is already dated, it has fallen down due to that battery safety issue. Now it’s Xiaomi Mi Note 2’s time to raise up! And we believe it won’t have any safety issues. The performance is expected.

Xiaomi Mi Note 2 has two color options – Glacier Silver and Bright Black. Soon our Gearbest will lead in this amazing smartphone, and the price will be very alluring. Keep an eye on our website and be the first one to catch your ideal phone – Mi Note 2!



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