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OPPO Reno3 Pro appearance analysis: ultra-thin hyperboloid, who can not love?

Admittedly, 5G phones have stronger performance and faster network speed, but it is followed by heavier heat dissipation, batteries and antennas, so we see that the first batch of 5G phones on the market are obviously thicker and heavier than their 4G version. The freshness of 5G speed is quickly replaced by a heavy feel, and the experience has not yet been said to be the best.

If I told you now that 5G phones became lighter in less than half a year, even lighter than 4G phones, would you believe it? There is no doubt that OPPO Reno3 Pro is right in front of us.

The supreme combination of design and feel.

OPPO Reno3 Pro uses a new design language to define 5G mobile phones. It turns out that it can be so light and thin that many people will be attracted by the appearance of OPPO Reno3 Pro before understanding its feel.

The front of Reno3 Pro is equipped with a 6.5in OLED hyperboloid flexible punching screen, which not only provides a delicate display effect, but also has a screen refresh rate of 90Hz, and has the highest 180Hz touch sampling rate, bringing a crisp and smooth operation effect.

The screen display effect is satisfactory, the screen brightness can reach 500N, the excitation brightness 1100nit is above, and the contrast ratio is up to 5 million: 1. It can still maintain a clear picture in strong light, while at night, E3 luminous material filters more blue light to achieve eye protection effect. The hyperboloid curve of the screen is just right to maintain the curve of the fuselage while ensuring daily use.

Hyperboloid, excellent display effect, another unique feature of this screen is the opening of the front camera with a very small aperture. In daily use, it is difficult to feel its existence, and when you need it, the shooting quality of 3200 megapixels can meet your expectations of a selfie phone.

The touch is the envy of 4G mobile phones.

We often use one-handed typing to describe the lightness of a mobile phone, but with the growing size of the phone screen, it is very rare to have a pleasant one-handed typing experience, and now OPPO Reno3 Pro helps you find the feeling you haven”t seen for a long time.

Thanks to the hyperboloid screen design, OPPO Reno3 Pro has an outstanding feel. When you get started, you will be surprised at its lightness, then its thickness, which can even be described as “slim”. It’s been a long time since I haven’t felt such a lightweight smartphone, not to mention that it supports 5G.

Back to the data level,The thickness of the OPPO Reno3 Pro fuselage is only 7.7mm, while the weight of the fuselage is 171g.Enough to explain the origin of this extraordinary feel. Nourished by hyperboloid lines, you can instantly understand why Reno3 Pro does not use “waterfall screen” decision:On one side is the abrupt end of the cliff, on the other is the path of gurgling water, passers-by will naturally love the latter.

In the case of keeping thin and light, OPPO Reno3 Pro also adds positive and negative hyperboloid glass to the fuselage to continue the exquisite frosted texture of the previous generation, which not only has a higher appearance, but also makes it more comfortable to hold. Delicate and smooth, it is difficult not to become the captive of the Reno3 Pro feel.

Fashion, OPPO is serious.

When it comes to appearance, we have to mention the unique color matching of OPPO Reno3 Pro. Reno3 Pro has four colors: sunrise impression, blue starry night, dark moon night and foggy moon white. Color collision design has become the main tone, distinct color conflicts, combined with the unique texture of frosted glass, so that Reno3 Pro deduces the unique avant-garde and fashion sense of OPPO mobile phones.

Thankfully, the part of the Reno3 Pro camera maintains its own opinion, instead of following the trend and adopting a matrix rear shot, it adopts a longitudinal arrangement that is more in line with the design of the fuselage, which greatly reduces the impact of the prominent part of the camera on the feel of the camera.

By the way, when the main camera has optical anti-shake, works with a telephoto camera and achieves 5x hybrid optical zoom, its camera is only slightly higher than the fuselage, and even in a 4G phone, the Reno3 Pro is extremely thin.

The flagship also needs to have good sound quality.

The slim body has not become a reason for Reno3 Pro to “save material” in the experience, in addition to the screen, the Reno3 Pro power amplifier experience is also a flagship level.

Reno3 Pro is equipped with two superlinear loudspeakers, the amplitude of the lower loudspeaker is 0.4, and the amplitude of the upper loudspeaker is 0.45, in which the lower loudspeaker is all filled with bass material, which is equivalent to the super-large 1.0CC cavity. The actual experience will understand that its stereo effect is incomparable to the handset-assisted sound, with a stronger bass effect at the same time, with Dolby panoramic sound blessing, as if in person.

The OPPO Reno3 Pro is thin, but you seem to have everything you can ask for a flagship phone. The top screen display, powerful double anti-shake aftershot, and Dolby panoramic sound-enhanced dual speakers are integrated in such a delicate and portable body, the OPPO Reno3 Pro’s “figure” is undoubtedly the most surprising of the 5G phones this year.

Conclusion: OPPO style. 5G mobile phone.

OPPO Reno3 Pro has shrugged off the impression that 5G phones were bound to be heavy in the past. In fact, the figure of this 5G phone is even better than that of many 4G phones, both in terms of grip and objective data.

Behind this excellent appearance, not only because OPPO has been handed down superb attainments in aesthetics, but also because he has strong technical strength to endorse, he can integrate performance, image and 5G all-around in the extremely tight fuselage space. OPPO Reno3 Pro, explains what a “OPPO 5G phone” is. On top of what 5G phones have, I not only make it thinner, lighter and more beautiful, but also make it better.

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