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Nintendo Switch national version using experience

Is Nintendo”s re-entry into the Chinese mainland market after 25 years, and holding hands with Tencent is believed to be a well-thought-out strategic consideration. The game industry needs players to pay for it, and in recent years, with the continuous maturity of China’s game market and the continuous improvement of relevant laws and regulations, the most important thing is that the children who grew up with Mario, Kabi and Link have reached adulthood and have the economic foundation and spending power. At this time, the entry of Nintendo Switch is obviously a combination of the right place at the right time and the right place for people. Launched in 2017, the

Nintendo Switch, as an epoch-making handset / console two-in-one product, once again broke the conventional thinking of the game industry and set an unprecedented sales record. In order to be able to experience the vanguard of this game era, players in mainland China can only “eight Immortals cross the sea, show their powers”, a variety of overseas shopping, human flesh purchasing agents, trading second-hand cassettes, want to “get on the car” learning cost is really not low. And because Nintendo did not add a Chinese system to Switch at the beginning of its release, a large number of users finally chose to give up.


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Players actually know very well that Chinese players failed to protect those developers who devoted themselves to the development of games because of the irregularities of the market. After that, tens of thousands of players signed up and asked Nintendo to add a Chinese system to Switch, and shared their own Nintendo products and their stories. The affectionate call and sincerity of the players finally looked forward to the sale of the Chinese version of the system and the national version.


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Those young teenagers have now grown into dragon slayer warriors with long swords. They are Mario, Zelda, Link and Kabi. They are willing to protect their childhood dreams and the healthy development of China’s game industry with enthusiasm and responsibility. As one veteran Nintendo player said, “this time, we won’t let you go again.”

For gamers, the relationship between them and game companies should never be antagonistic. Only from the user’s point of view can excellent games be developed. Mr. Satoshi Iwata, the former president of Nintendo, is the “god” of countless players because he puts himself in the player’s position. Some media said of Satoshi Iwata that “Satoshi Iwata’s Nintendo is like an entertainment enterprise with a heart of players and craftsmanship.” Satoshi Iwata once said:

  ”On my business card, I am the president of Nintendo, in my mind, I am a game developer, and deep down, I am a player.” 

Let’s talk about the configuration of the national version of Switch. As a product that has been on sale for more than two years, I would like to briefly introduce its features and design concept. The original intention of Switch design is to share. Multiplayer games in handheld mode and big screen immersion in TV mode are the advantages of Switch. The original meaning of “Switch” is to switch, which also shows the most important feature of its handheld / host arbitrary switching.

The national version of Switch is exclusively represented by Tencent, and the words “authentic Bank of China” are also marked on the package. The Bank of China’s version of Switch supports the mainland’s three guarantees policy and a one-year warranty, which is believed to be the “reassurance” that many wait-and-see players need most. The launch of nbsp; national version of Switch not only means that players’ purchase channels are more standardized and unified, but also brings smoother online services, eShop game stores, and convenient and reassuring after-sales service.

Inside the package, there are one mainframe, two handles, two handle wristbands, one handle base, one TV transfer base, one charging line, one HDMI cable, as well as instructions and warranty cards. The basic configuration is the same, and the mainframe does not make any difference except for the Chinese logo added to the laser engraving everywhere. After testing, non-national version of the handle, adapters and other accessories, can also be universal, we can rest assured.

The ontology of Switch is composed of host computer and two JoyCon handles. When the handle is installed on both sides of the fuselage, it can be played as an independent host, while when playing a multiplayer war game, the handle can be removed and used as two controllers. With the bracket on the back of the Switch fuselage, no matter on the plane, in the park, or at the dinner table, you can enjoy the game with others anytime and anywhere.


Along with the national version of Switch also launched several Nintendo masterpieces: “Super Mario Brothers U: deluxe version”, “Mario go-kart 8: deluxe version” and “Super Mario: Odyssey”. In addition, the Bank of China version has a trial version of Super Malio Brothers, which you can experience after you get it.

At present, there is only one game available in the eShop game store of the Bank of China, or you can exchange the game code. If you want to buy the game, it is best to choose the physical version of the cassette. As for the masterpieces that players are looking forward to, such as the Legend of Zelda & the breath of the nbsp; wilderness, Nintendo also said that it is under review by relevant departments, and there will be more games to log in in the future.

 In fact, Nintendo chose to cooperate with Tencent this time, not only because of Tencent’s strength in channels such as economic promotion, but also because it wants to work with Tencent to build a game ecology that belongs to China. Nintendo has a number of super IP that are popular all over the world, and Tencent has rich game resources. More Tencent domestic games may log on to the Switch platform in the future.

We need to register an account before using the host. After testing, the national version of Switch uses WeChat authorization to log in, and this is the only way, account content and information and player groups are different from the international version. After scanning the code to log in, Nintendo also intimately added the Chinese input method to the input nickname interface.

Judging from the current situation, using the national version of the mainframe, it is impossible to search other players in the international player library or add them as friends. Tencent directly uses WeChat as its access point, which is tantamount to providing Switch with a billion-level database of potential users. Simple login, WeChat one-click binding, and perhaps social functions such as “Switch WeChat Friends” will be launched in the future. I believe that with the strong appeal of Tencent and user groups, the Switch ecology of mainland China will soon be established.

Both Tencent officials and customer service staff said that the national version of Switch can only be used with Bank of China games. Although the current national version of several masterpieces are relatively affordable, but there are still some players already have a large number of non-national version of the cassette. In order to verify whether the old players’ cassettes can be “inherited”, I specially tested them. After inserting the non-national card tape, the host instantly recognizes the game and can update the data and play normally.

Finally, a few small details. With its return more than years later, Nintendo is obviously well prepared this time. Holding hands with Tencent, Nintendo is destined to do something great. China’s game market has experienced glories and troughs, and Chinese players have become more aware of the importance of supporting authentic copies. A good game ecology needs to be jointly established and maintained by manufacturers, developers and players. In the long run, it will be able to inspire the birth of more and better game masterpieces.

Games are never exclusive to children, at least Nintendo doesn’t think so. Regardless of age or gender, when you pick up the Switch, you will feel the familiar excitement and enthusiasm. The game is an important adjustment of life, a sanctuary of the soul, and the last piece of pure land in this impetuous society. The launch of the national version of Switch not only further protects the vital interests of players, but also brings more convenient and safe purchase channels and perfect after-sales protection. It is conceivable that in the future, with the expansion of the national version of the Switch game lineup, it will certainly be able to emit a more dazzling light.

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