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NEXGIM AI power fitness car experience: can intelligently burn fat without leaving home!

Due to the nature of housing and work, the gym has basically been say goodbye, with me, but it is not very realistic to put a treadmill at home. First, the experience of using a small treadmill is not ideal, and there is always a feeling that I can”t let it go. Second, running for a long time with large weight is easy to cause knee joint wear and tear, and the thumping sound when running is also easy to be complained by neighbors. After thinking about it, I was inspired by what my friend said. You can’t use a treadmill or buy an exercise bike. It is said that listening to your seat is better than reading a ten-year book, in the end, I chose the NEXGIM AI power exercise bike.

Data are more intuitive and more convenient to adjust

When I was in the gym, the biggest impression of the exercise bike was the dynamic cycling class. I didn’t know anything in the first class, and I didn’t adjust the damping. I couldn’t ride after following the coach for 40 minutes. the next day I found that I couldn’t get out of bed with pain on both sides of my thighs. I went to the hospital for an examination. Well, I had a ligament strain and lay at home for three days. And since then the heart of the exercise bike and sports bike with a sense of repulsion, although later also gradually took some dynamic cycling lessons, but always lack of interest.

Later, I thought about it and found that the reason for my rejection of exercise bikes was not only a bad start, but also because I still couldn’t find the right resistance when I was cycling. Although the resistance knob will be adjusted in real time during exercise, the end result is either heavier leg pain the next day, or lighter feeling has no effect. Through my own research, it is found that most fitness cars in gyms use magnetically controlled resistance system, which adjusts the resistance by changing the distance of the magnet to the flywheel, but it is affected by the speed of the flywheel, the resistance fluctuates, the precision is low, and the experience is poor.

NEXGIM AI power fitness car adopts full-package flywheel, and the resistance is controlled by motor + FOC controller. The motor is controlled by FOC algorithm based on real-time accurate damping control, which can accurately and constant output resistance and adjust damping in real time. At the same time, the combination of magnet and flywheel can not obtain accurate data., NEXGIM AI power fitness car adopts intelligent motor damping, which can obtain data with high precision and high sensitivity, and improve the user experience through algorithm adjustment.

The advantage of this design is that the traditional fitness car can only display fuzzy gears and data, and the NEXGIM AI power fitness with intelligent motor damping can accurately display torque, time, power and step frequency data on the display on the fuselage, so that I can clearly grasp my exercise resistance and exercise load, and will not get out of bed the next day because of excessive torque.

Smarter exercise bikes

Benefit from the accurate data collection of NEXGIM AI power fitness bikes, which can scientifically evaluate users’ exercise ability and set a personal exercise ability boundary within the limits of their ability on NEXGIM App, so as to make exercise more scientific and reasonable. And it can effectively prevent overload, cardiopulmonary strain, and avoid inefficient training and waste of time.

Based on the evaluation of users, NEXGIM will develop different difficulty training courses according to the sports ability of different users, and according to individual training goals, through reasonable power division training to achieve the effect of efficient fitness. 

The NEXGIM AI Power Fitness vehicle is equipped with a mobile phone bracket on which the phone can be placed. When exercising, the mobile phone will display real-time motion data and motion pictures. And AI virtual private teaching, but also according to the monitored sports data, give objective reminders and suggestions.

 After the exercise, the App on the mobile phone will intelligently generate scientific evaluation according to the output power, step frequency stability, movement interval distribution and other data in the cycle, and continuously track personal physical growth, so that users can clearly understand their fitness effect. In addition, there are a number of interesting courses built into the mobile App, including professional power courses, live-action instructor videos, fun cycling and cycling games.

Among them, the professional power course can automatically adjust the resistance according to the pedal frequency and intelligently match the exercise intensity. naturally, the real-life coach needless to say, just exercise with the coach. Fun cycling is a favorite function of the house, which can not only simulate the real road environment, restore the real slope, automatically adjust the resistance, but also experience the fun of riding with many people. If you think these functions are still boring, then cycling games will bring you a new experience. 

The little secretary fell in love with the sport of cycling. At the same time, a reasonable exercise plan and amount of exercise, let me quickly and scientifically and effectively reduce fat, now, not only the spirit of the whole person, but also become more confident. After all, fat can be reduced, what else can not be finished?

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