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Mechanical feel keyboard compared with real mechanical keyboard: can the feel be real?

In fact, they are essentially a kind of thin-film keyboard, but why is it called a mechanical touch keyboard? Do they really have the feel of a mechanical keyboard? Let”s take a look at what it really looks like with a Heijue mechanical touch keyboard in this issue.

Why did you choose the Black Lord keyboard? Mainly it is in this kind of mechanical feel keyboard shape and price (49 yuan) are more representative, the following will be specific. Since it is a mechanical feel, of course we have to use another piece of Leiber’s real mechanical keyboard to compare, does it really have the feel of a mechanical keyboard?

First of all, let’s take a look at the appearance. In the appearance design of the mechanical keyboard, the suspended keycap and the shape with enveloping edges are the two mainstream styles. From the results of dozens of pages of hundreds of gadgetlocker searches, the vast majority of robotic keyboards are.Suspended key cap.The upper cover is a flat cover and the key cap is suspended. This is them.The first step in trying to create a “mechanical” sense..

In order to avoid generalization, I would like to make it clear that the upper cover of the Black Lord keyboard is made of plastic, but there are also many mechanical feel keyboards made of aluminum alloy.

(The top is the Heijue mechanical feel keyboard, and the bottom is the Leibazhen mechanical keyboard, both of which use the suspended keycap design.).

And then there’s the Black Lord.The second step in trying to create a “mechanical sense”: keycaps.. The floating key cap design mentioned above actually includes the design of the upper cover plate, not only that, they even imitate the specific key cap very much.

First of all, we should pay attention to the height of the keycap, from Leiber’s keycap to the Black Lord’s keycap, the height is about the same, it is the height of the OEM keycap, we also found a mechanical feel keyboard for reference, the height is also about the same.

(Leiber keycap on the left, black Lord keycap in the middle, and Langtu keycap on the right).

After installing the keyboard, it looks very similar at first glance, and it must be impossible to distinguish between the two for students who do not know the bottom mechanical shaft.

(The top is the Heijue mechanical feel keyboard, the bottom is the Leibazhen mechanical keyboard, and the transparent shaft cover of the mechanical shaft can see the internal structure.).

In the material of the keycap, Heijue uses ABS material, two-color injection molding process, skin-like treatment, which is the same process as many mechanical keyboard keycaps. To be honest, the keycap process is OK, and it is more durable than ordinary screen printing keycaps.

And then there’s the Black Lord.The third step in trying to create a “mechanical sense”: the stroke of the button.. Take the four mechanical axes of green black tea that we are most familiar with as an example, the trigger stroke of the key is between 2-2.2mm, which is generally longer than the thin-film keyboard. I don’t know the exact number of the key stroke of this keyboard, but compared with the conventional thin-film keyboard such as Logitech’s most classic office keyboard K120, the Black Lord’s journey will be a little longer.

(Very classic Logitech K120).

And then there’s the Black Lord.The fourth step in trying to create a “mechanical sense”: light transmission.. “Everything can RGB” has become a major development direction of DIY manufacturers, even the power cord can make RGB lights. Black Lord this keyboard is several monochrome lights, so it is certainly impossible to make a RGB at such a low cost. If there is a light, you can have one more selling point on the promotional page. From the actual effect, I can only say general.

(In fact, it has a faint red light, and it can be seen from the space bar that the number of lamp beads is not large.).

To be reasonable, from the outside, the keyboard of Heijue is really similar to that of a real mechanical keyboard, no matter from the top cover, the material of the key cap to the height of the key cap. If you ask me with only one picture, I probably won’t tell if it’s a real mechanical keyboard.

If you imitate the appearance of a mechanical keyboard, then the Black Lord succeeded.But, notice that I’m going to say “but” here, even if it imitates the appearance to 99 points,Pull out the keycap, it’s still a thin-film keyboard..

Back to the beginning of the topic, is its feel like that of a mechanical keyboard?Unfortunately, it still feels like a thin-film keyboard.Although it is transparent and has a slightly longer journey than the office film.

Anyone who has used a mechanical keyboard or a thin-film keyboard will clearly know where the core of the difference between the two is the key structure. To put it simply, the feel of the mechanical shaft is caused by the extrusion and separation of the metal sheet driven by the up and down movement of the shaft core, while the feel of the thin film keyboard comes from the elasticity of the rubber pad below, so the feel is naturally fundamentally different.

Let’s move on to another important issue:Cost.. The reason why the mechanical feel keyboard can be sold so cheaply is that it doesn’t really use a mechanical shaft. The mechanical shaft is almost the most expensive part of a mechanical keyboard. How much does it cost? We look from the wholesale store of gearbest, Gao Teqing axis costs 50 cents each, and Jiada long yellow axis costs 0.96 yuan, almost one yuan, on the premise that you wholesale more than 10000.

Jiadalong shafts are probably second-class in shafts, 104shafts cost almost a hundred yuan, high shafts are only third-class, and 104shafts are almost 50 yuan. We haven’t seen better shafts like cherry and Kaihua yet. Of course, the restocking price of manufacturers will certainly be lower than this, but this is already telling. Come to think of it, the cost of the optical axis is almost 5100, and the cost of a whole keyboard cannot be low.

So there is still a reason to be expensive. Now let’s talk about the Black Lord.The fifth step in trying to create a “mechanical sense”That is, at the beginning:The nomenclature of goods.. Mechanical feel keyboard, and mechanical keyboard, the name can really mislead novice users. Even players who have played some mechanical keyboards must be confused to hear the name for the first time.

These businesses using low-price strategy will certainly be able to tempt many users. Think of a novice user who has just listened to his friend’s Amway, with a vision of a mechanical keyboard, but is not very familiar with market pricing. As a result, he turned around and bought a thin film keyboard for the sake of his name, which must be a very bad experience.


So I don’t think the black knights should call this a “mechanical touch keyboard”,It is more appropriate to call it “mechanical keyboard”..

Let’s think about it: why do manufacturers call it a “mechanical feel” keyboard? Because the feel of the mechanical shaft is the soul of the mechanical keyboard, and the cost of the mechanical shaft accounts for most of the whole keyboard, so so many manufacturers actually use the thin film shaft, but play the edge ball of the mechanical keyboard.

When we are playing with a mechanical keyboard, what are we playing? Or which part best represents a mechanical keyboard? That is undoubtedly its mechanical axis, I know that there are many players like to play with keycaps, good PBT, hot sublimation, and even manual DIY keycaps are also very expensive, they can also bring a better feel and appearance, but the mechanical keyboard is called a mechanical keyboard, because the mechanical shaft brings a unique feel, this is the film keyboard can not give us.

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