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Master Chef | zanmini color-coded chopping board set

The best cutting mat set with quality, durable yet food safe plastic that has been color coded for maximum results. Don”t miss it.


Beware: cutting boards can be dangerous

Essential for food prep, a cutting board can pose risks if you use it for raw meat and then for another food without properly cleaning it between uses.

Here the zanmini color-coded chopping board set can be used to helps reduce of food. Simply use one board for each food type.

This stylish and practical set looks great in any kitchen and comes in three pieces, featuring different colors to indicate which food type they should be used for – red for raw meat, yellow for fruit, green for vegetables.

Smart Design

Every board has 5 non-slip feet to increase stability and a milled groove to catch food liquid. A knife-friendly cutting surface and a support stand conveniently accommodate all of them.

Having this high-quality cutting board allows you to be well prepared for your ingredients and make a delicious dinner for your family.


7 Easy Steps to Easier Food Preparation

1. Say goodbye to cross-contamination

Each mat is clearly with its own distinctive bright color indicating what food it is intended for; no more cross contamination.

2. Have a healthy meal

These mats are BPA free so I don’t even have to worry about unwanted chemicals getting into your food.

3. Handles any given task

zanmini (@zanminishop) cutting board are constructed from food-graded PP to last much longer than bamboo or wood boards, they are also much easier to maintain. It can stand up to knife cuts without damaging, dulling, or chipping your knives.

4. Make juice behave

The groove surrounding the exterior of the board will trap juices from meats or fruits, enabling juices to remain on the board. This makes clean up a cinch.

5. Five feet support

Five anti-slip feet makes them easy to use on slippery surfaces, even marble tops, with no problem at all.

6. Clean up in seconds

For cleaning, simply place them in the dishwasher or just wash and rinse with water; it’s fast and easy, and they come out spotless and sanitized.

7. Neither large nor small

The board is large enough for most cooking needs and small enough to easily fit in the dishwasher. It never clutters your kitchen since it can also be hanged on the wall with its design.


Choose for your family

Select your cutting board or set of cutting boards to last for many years and provide you with a worry-free food preparation environment.


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