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iQOO Neo Snapdragon 855 edition review: How about its performance?

The values and mission of the “born strong” iQOO represent the pursuit of performance and experience supreme attitude. This is especially true for the iQOO Pro and iQOO Pro 5G versions that nbsp; subsequently released. As the first 5G model of vivo phones, its status is self-evident. Today we are going to talk about iQOO”s “sub-flagship” Neo series, iQOO Neo version 855. With its ultra-high performance-to-price ratio and extreme optimization, it stands out among the models with the same price and configuration, but makes more advanced dishes with the same ingredients.

“Performance overload” is what many people think of today’s flagship phones. Do users really need such high-frequency processors and high storage? Why not use a “sub-flagship chip” to create a cost-effective mobile phone? That’s what iQOO Neo version 855 does. At first glance, you will clearly see the expression of the iQOO gene. The full screen of 6.38-inch water droplets on the front of the fuselage is so familiar.


iQOO Neo Snapdragon 855 edition design

As a general design of the iQOO family, the waterdrop screen has been very mature. At first glance, there is only one lens lying quietly in the middle of the screen, with the hidden handset and sensor above and the ratio of 19.5 to 9, the feel and handling of the whole machine is still good. The four corners of the screen are rounded, and the round frame does not have a large black edge. Although there is no design of lifting or digging screen, it is undeniable that the overall appearance is still online. 


Not only does iQOO Neo have a good look, the screen used in, iQOO Neo 855 also supports HDR10 technology, which has a higher dynamic range and can show more light and dark details of the picture. Whether playing games or watching video, it can make the picture clearer and brighter and bring better display effect. Especially when watching a movie with a darker picture, it feels like shining light for you.

IQOO Neo 855 version still uses the double-sided glass + metal middle frame design, the round frame is well connected with the backplane and screen, it is too round and does not cut the hand. Similarly, the Jovi button on the left, the volume button and the power button on the right are in the right position, and the one-handed control is excellent! This time we got two colors of carbon fiber black and Icelandic aurora, low-key atmospheric carbon fiber black, with a Kevlar-like texture to show extraordinary demeanor; on the other side, the Icelandic aurora is like a cold temperament of a thousand years of ice, and wantonly shines with mysterious light, it’s hard to choose. 

There are three cameras in the upper left corner of the back. I don’t know if they are intentional. They are arranged according to size from top to bottom, and they look inexplicably neat. In addition, there is only one iQOO brand Logo on the back of the fuselage. In terms of simplicity, iQOO really wins. In fact, iQOO Neo 855 version, as a sub-flagship, still maintains the consistent level of the family in terms of appearance. Smart water droplets comprehensive screen, high texture of double-sided glass, coupled with Icelandic aurora color matching, take out the door to absolutely attract countless eyes.

iQOO Neo Snapdragon 855 edition benchmark score

We mentioned earlier that, iQOO Neo 855 is a “sub-flagship”, but only because it uses the top processor of the previous generation, Snapdragon 855. In terms of parameters, Snapdragon 855 adopts 7nm process and Kryo 485CPU core. Compared with the previous generation, the CPU performance of Snapdragon 855 is improved by 45%, and the highest main frequency is 2.84GHz. If it were not for the competition of its own family “855 Plus”, it would still be the top chip at present. Therefore, the choice of, iQOO Neo 855 cannot be said to be a “compromise”. 

The point is even more clear from the next running points. First of all, we used an AnTuTu to run points in an all-round way. IQOO Neo 855 got a score of 473237, with a score of 144633 for CPU and 176793 for GPU. This achievement has not only greatly surpassed the competitors’ 855 models, but can even compete with 855 Plus.

Next let’s take a look at its core performance. For this reason, we used Geekbench to test the single core score of 3797 and the multi-core score of 10803 in, iQOO Neo version 855. With such good results, it can handle daily APP startup, screen sliding, multitasking, or running large 3D games.

What determines the fluency of a phone is not only the processor, but also the memory. This time, iQOO Neo version 855 upgrades the memory to UFS 3.0, and its sequential read speed can reach 1479MB machines, which is 90% faster than UFS 2.1, and the sequential write speed is 160% faster. In addition, equipped with 8GB LPDDR4X high-bandwidth super operation and storage, the installation and reading of games / software will be faster and more smooth.

Not only that, relying on the more powerful GPU performance, iQOO Neo 855 version also achieved excellent results in 3D graphics processing. The Sling Shot Extreme score of iQOO Neo version 855 that passed the 3DMark was 5797, and the Vulkan score was 5038. No matter which large 3D mobile game it is, it can bring you the best picture experience. 

At the end, we used Master Lu to test it. According to Master Lu’s test, the score of, iQOO Neo version 855 is 392288, which is very good in terms of CPU, GPU and RAM. After so many hard tests of the running software, I believe you have learned about the hardware efforts made by iQOO Neo version 855. Although it is also equipped with the Snapdragon 855 processor, iQOO Neo optimizes it into a “Plus” flavor, which is not easy. 

iQOO Neo Snapdragon 855 edition gaming performance

In order to get a better gaming experience, iQOO Neo also comes with an upgraded Multi-Turbo 2.0 acceleration optimization system. This whole system is a collection of Center Turbo+Net Turbo+Cooling Turbo+AI Turbo+Game Turbo+ART++2.0 Turbo. To put it simply, the system will automatically detect your game behavior, and then mobilize the network, heat dissipation, memory and other resources to ensure the smooth operation of the game.

In order to “feed” such a powerful “performance beast”, iQOO Neo version 855 uses a 4500mAh super-large battery, with vivo FlashCharge2.0 33W flash charge technology, supports up to 11V 3A specifications, not only safer but also more efficient. According to vivo, it takes 10 minutes to charge 25% of the 4500mAh’s super-large battery capacity and 15 minutes to charge 36%. Forget to recharge at night, even if you use the time to get up early to wash, you can instantly bring your phone back to life!

In order to tame the heat caused by high power consumption, iQOO Neo version 855 also comes with the flagship liquid-cooled heat dissipation configuration. The whole system is composed of ultra-long heat pipe, curable thermal conductive gel, high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy frame and multi-layer composite graphite heat dissipation film. Using the principle of liquid evaporation at high temperature and liquefaction at low temperature, the heat of key components such as CPU and memory can be quickly released, so as to keep the temperature of the phone in a stable and comfortable state.

iQOO Neo Snapdragon 855 edition: camera perfromance

In terms of taking photos, Vivo phones have never let us down. After all, it is a brand that writes “Camera” into Logo. This iQOO Neo version 855 continues the family’s consistent high standard, and the ultra-wide angle and super-backlight we are familiar with are still there. And the newly added functions such as Super Night View 2.0 and Hyper-HDR further improve the practicability and playability of the camera. The iQOO Neo 855 uses a 12 million-pixel rear main camera IMX363 sensor, as well as a 8 million-pixel ultra-wide-angle lens and depth-of-field camera. What’s the effect? let’s talk with a sample sheet.

Normal mode

Ultra wide angle mode

In order to bring greater challenges to iQOO Neo 855, we specially chose a large backlight scene when shooting the above sample. It can be seen that after turning on the ultra-wide-angle mode, not only the content of the picture is more, but also the picture as a whole is very clear, especially when shooting buildings, the wide-angle lens can make the picture more three-dimensional and straight. The superbacklight algorithm also reduces the brightness and retains the details of the picture. 

Ultra-wide-angle mode

The addition of Ultra-wide-angle lens can be said to be a boost brought by vivo to the integration of the mobile phone industry. For mobile phones, the size limit limits the quality of the lens. The addition of wide-angle lens makes up for this shortcoming very well.

When taking pictures with a wide-angle lens, you no longer have to step back and look for the right angle. Especially when shooting buildings or characters, turn on the wide-angle lens, you can get an unprecedented look and feel. IQOO Neo 855 has an ultra-wide viewing angle of up to 120 degrees and can accommodate more beautiful views.

In fact, the virtual model of portrait background has been launched for a long time, and the actual effects and methods of play are also relatively rich. From the actual effect, iQOO Neo version 855 is very good in object recognition, edge matting and background processing, and the overall picture looks very natural.

Especially when shooting portraits, it can make the line of sight pay more attention to the subject being photographed, which is the artifact of a single head shot.

While enjoying delicious food, you can also use portrait mode to take a very attractive picture of delicious food. As iQOO Neo 855 also supports AI recognition optimization, it can automatically identify food, scenery, people, architecture, etc., and then automatically optimize. When you meet a beautiful scenery, it is very convenient to post it directly in your moments without the need for later stage.

Next, let’s take a look at the night scene. IQOO Neo version 855 is equipped with the new Super Night scene 2.0 technology, which can make the pictures taken at night clearer through multi-frame synthesis and AI noise reduction.

Even in complex and dim scenes, iQOO Neo version 855 still maintains a good white balance and the sky is very pure. There is no “glare” in a row of street lamps in the distance.

In fact, at night, our main needs for taking pictures are: take a picture, see it clearly, and take a good picture. From this point of view, the performance of, iQOO Neo 855 version is very good in terms of picture brightness, clarity and resolution. 

Although, iQOO Neo uses the same materials as the “contemporaries” of business competitors, it ends up with a more fragrant and richer dish, although it uses the same materials as the same “dishes” of different “dishes” in the same “ingredients” 855 version 855, although it uses the same materials as the “contemporaries” of business competitors. This is not only because of the improvement of hardware, but also the continuous improvement of functionality and the optimization of the system, which together create a smooth and powerful 855 mobile phone with “Plus” level. 

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