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iPhone 11 Smart Battery Case Review

The combination of portable battery and iPhone always gives people the feeling of being bloated at some point. Is there a more elegant solution? IPhone smart battery case may be a good choice.

As in previous years, shortly after the launch of the iPhone 11 series this year, Apple brought us a brand new iPhone 11 series smart battery case. By connecting it to the phone, iPhone can get up to 50% additional battery life, greatly alleviating the battery life fear of heavy users. What”s even more surprising about


Is that this year’s iPhone 11 series smart battery case also adds a physical photo button, which means we can start iPhone’s photo function at any time to record the wonderful moments around us.

Add some battery life to your iPhone

If you have ever used a silicone case from Apple or a smart battery case from the previous generation, you will be familiar with this design. This year’s iPhone 11 series battery case is still made of silicone, and there is also a layer of ultra-fine fiber lining inside. The only difference may be the opening on the back. after all, this year’s iPhone 11 series has the most obvious upgrade in the camera, so it makes sense to change the hole.


Smart battery shell also has some properties of portable battery, so we can still see its power information on the surface of the ultra-fine fiber lining. Both the iPhone 11 smart battery case and the iPhone 11 Pro Max smart battery case I got have built-in 10.9Wh batteries. Apple officials said that the smart battery case can extend the battery life by up to 50%, which should be able to meet the daily use of users.


But here, I need to remind travelers. The smart battery case needs to be removed during the aircraft security check, and frequent disassembly and disassembly will inevitably lead to blurring of the battery capacity logo on the lining surface, so if you are a frequent airplane user, be sure to protect the battery capacity logo of the battery case lining. The battery


Smart Battery Case’s built-in 10.9Wh may be asked, this is not a portable battery who can connect to a mobile phone. However, as a “smart” battery shell, Apple officially loaded it with a large number of humanized functions at the beginning of its design, making it smarter than ordinary portable battery.

Because there is no switch on the surface of the smart battery case, it automatically starts to work when the battery case is connected to the mobile phone. If the iPhone is fully charged at this time, the phone will first consume the power of the battery case, and then enable the phone’s battery when the battery case is exhausted. If the iPhone is not fully charged, the battery case will first charge the phone and then drain the battery.

In Apple’s logic, the smart battery case is not a separate product, it becomes part of the iPhone when connected to the iPhone. 


At the same time, in fact, this is also reflected in some design of the system. When the phone is connected to the protective case, or during the charging process, the lock screen interface will display two batteries at the same time. On the other hand, in the negative one-screen power information, the iPhone is followed by Smart Battery Case, which shows that the battery case has long been integrated with the mobile phone in the process of daily use, just to bring you better battery performance.

Make your iPhone a little more fun

In addition to increasing battery life, another factor that attracts me about this year’s iPhone 11 series battery case is the addition of a photo button on the side. When the iPhone is connected to the battery case, we can press the camera button for a long time to enter the camera in any state, then press a short button to take a picture, or press a long button to record a video. A special photo button has been added to the side of the


In the process of using it, I like this independent photo button more and more. It perfectly solves the pain point when holding the phone on the horizontal screen to take photos, and the independent buttons designed with a slight depression fit perfectly with the fingers, which not only effectively reduces the risk of mistouch, but also makes the iPhone 11 series closer to the camera in the actual experience. Secondly, this design can also make full use of the strong photo strength of the iPhone 11 series, so that I can miss any wonderful scenery.

Why does the smart battery shell feel so good? I think this is inseparable from its internal structure. The independent button is directly connected to the motherboard of the smart battery shell through wiring, so there is no delay when pressing, and you can instantly enter the photo interface with a slight press.

What is even more interesting is that even if the power of the smart battery shell runs out, we can still take pictures by pressing a separate button on the side. It can be seen that the smart battery shell of iPhone 11 series does create a new way for us to play.

Of course, I also have a lot of new expectations for this independent button. For example, will Apple introduce functions such as pressing twice to switch photo mode and pressing three times to switch lenses? I believe that the separate button on the iPhone 11 series battery case is only Apple’s first step, and there will be more possibilities for this button in the future. Is

Does it worth buying?

I believe that many users will have a question, that is, whether it is worth spending more than 1000 yuan to buy a smart battery shell. In my personal opinion, if you have no obvious requirements for the battery life of your mobile phone, or even occasionally need to provide power support for your mobile phone, then portable battery, which is more affordable, must be your best choice. After all, the price of 1071 yuan is enough to buy several high-quality portable battery.

But if you go out a lot and sometimes can’t even find a data cable, then the official smart battery case is naturally an extremely elegant solution. It can not only effectively solve the anxiety of battery life, but also make the smart battery case more practical through the addition of photo shortcuts. I don’t think it’s too much to say that it is the best companion of the iPhone 11 series. More than

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