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Huawei Mate Xs review: fold the distance between you and the future.

It sounds like a false proposition that we need the display effect of a large screen device and the lightness and portability of a small screen device. In recent years, the performance of smart phone continues to improve, but the portability of mobile phone has also become an important obstacle to improve its productivity. Big screen, portable, interactive, productivity, these words do not seem to overlap, but now they are combined by a product, which is Huawei MateXs.

The Mate X launched by Huawei Mobile in 2019 is earth-shattering. Its unprecedented body shape and excellent industrial design have quickly made it a star in the mobile phone industry. Admittedly, the completion of Huawei MateX as a first-generation product is already quite high, but there is still a lot of room for improvement in structural design and interaction optimization, so this Huawei MateXs can be regarded as an “upgrade”. Huawei MateXs”s mission is to give full play to the advantages of large screens and create an ecology that belongs to mobile devices, which is the most important mission of folding screens.

Between opening and closing, one hand controls work and life.

In my mind, I don’t want to think of Huawei MateXs as a “mobile phone”, but more as a device that spans between a mobile phone and a computer. In line with its predecessors, the Huawei MateXs comes in two forms: the folded phone with a 6.6inch screen that can easily fit into a pocket, and when unfolded, it becomes an 8-inch tablet with a thinnest thickness of 5.4mm. Between opening and closing, there is not only a change in screen size, but also a change in usage scenarios and user identity.

The weight of Huawei MateXs is only about 300g. After unfolding it, the experience of using both hands will be better. Compared with the previous generation, the only external change in Huawei’s MateXs is the hinge. The design of the folding has changed from gear shape to column shape, which can well block the entry of external dust after the fuselage is folded. The screen uses a double-layer space-grade polyimide flexible material, but you still need to be very careful in the process of using it.

Huawei MateXs has improved the design of hinges compared to previous products, according to officials. The addition of zirconium-based liquid metal material can make it have a more stable feel and longer service life. Gently press the unlock button on the back of the fuselage, and with the right sense of damping, the screen instantly doubles. In terms of feel, it takes a little effort to fully unfold. After deployment, due to the larger area of the whole machine, it will feel much better to hold it with both hands.

In terms of hardware configuration, Huawei MateXs also brings us Kirin 9905G chip and supports SA/NSA 5G dual-module network. In terms of network connectivity, 5G is another bright spot in Huawei’s MateXs. With the increasing number of 5G application scenarios, just relying on the word “fast” can bring me a lot of convenience. With a cup of coffee, you can download the work material you need on the road, a movie you use to relieve boredom on the plane, and several software that need to be updated on your mobile phone.

One mobile phone, two worlds.

  The experience of running the same app on a screen of different sizes is very different. The most essential difference between mobile phone APP and computer software is that the multi-level interface in the application cannot be displayed on the same screen. This time Huawei MateXs uses the “parallel horizon” function to solve this problem very well. Huawei MateXs’s screen ratio is perfect for running two different applications on the same screen, or previewing with a double-layer interface in an application like gearbest.

Split screen operation.

Not only that, Huawei MateXs’s unique screen ratio also creates unique conditions for multitasking, which is smart screen separation. By swiping and dragging on the right, you can easily run two programs side by side on the screen (APP support is required). When a friend sends a connection, you can choose to split the screen and use the browser to open it separately. Not only that, Huawei MateXs also supports launching a third application in the form of a suspended window under a split screen. Not only can be placed arbitrarily, but also will not disturb the current operation.

Paste across application.

As a writer, you need to record the inspiration in your head every day. Whether it is the actual jokes in Weibo or the picture data in the news, they are all sources of inspiration. In the past, it was necessary to put the content in notepad through tedious copy and paste. Now you can use Huawei MateXs to display news apps on the same screen as notepad, and drag and drop the text and content you need. Add your own comments and title, and a simple note will come out.

Parallel horizon.

Whether it is “parallel horizon” or intelligent split screen, it is the primary development of the potential of folding screen mobile phone at present. If you want to give full play to the advantages of a large screen, you also need the joint efforts of developers. At present, Huawei is also working with developers to promote the establishment of China’s first folding screen developer alliance. It is reported that Huawei will also release a new version of the folding screen interaction specification, provide a cloud test platform, open more folding screen interaction capabilities, and carry out more in-depth cooperation with developers around the world. It is worth looking forward to working with developers around the world to explore the infinite possibilities of folding screen mobile phones.

After a period of use, Huawei MateXs has indeed brought a lot of convenience to my life. The first is the immersive experience brought by the big screen, whether it is navigation, video or e-book, the big screen not only gets more information, but also has better visual effects. The other is the cool property of the folding screen. Whenever my hands are free, I always want to unfold my phone. This display area X2, controllable area X2 effect, can make otherwise mediocre applications, suddenly become twice the sense of immersion. You can also get a lot of amazing eyes around you.

Leica quad camera, records the beauty of life.

In terms of photography, Huawei MateXs and Leica are equipped with an ultra-photosensitive Leica quad camera imaging system. These include a 40 million-pixel super-photosensitive camera, a 16 million-pixel ultra-wide-angle camera, a 8 million-pixel telephoto camera, and a 3D deep camera. Regardless of the imaging effect, the photo experience after the expansion of the large screen is shocking enough. Just like holding a picture frame, the composition is more convenient.

Judging from the actual sample, Huawei MateXs is very much in line with the position of the flagship. Under the ultra-wide-angle lens, the picture is clear, the white balance is accurate, and the details of the object are clearly discernible. The overall tone of the picture is a little cold, and it feels like a “German flavor” of Leica.

In terms of zoom strength, Huawei MateXs also brought me a big surprise. The above sample sheet shows the zoom effect of ultra-wide angle, 1x, 3x, 5x, 10x and 30x, respectively, from left to right. With the continuous progress of the camera, the details on the distant building are still relatively clear. Although daily use may not often use such extreme zoom, it is enough to show the photographic strength of Huawei MateXs.

In the night scene, the brightness of the picture can be greatly improved by means of long exposure and multi-frame synthesis. As you can see, there is less noise in the sky, the highlights are not obviously overexposed, and the overall picture is still very clean on a bright basis.

Finally, in terms of battery life, for a large-screen device, Huawei MateXs has a large 4500mAh battery and a super fast charge of up to 55W. In terms of the system, Huawei has also optimized its power-saving algorithm, which can charge 85% in 30 minutes. This speed is still necessary for a large-screen device.

Folding screen, folding is the distance from the future.

Today, with the development of smart phones, large screen and portability have become a contradictory topic. When the needs of users are contrary to the physical rules, the emergence of the folding screen has undoubtedly brought a new direction for the whole industry. Huawei MateXs as a product between mobile phone and computer, it can not simply be called a mobile phone or tablet. Brand-new interaction mode, broad use prospects, strong hardware experience. Maybe this is what portable smart devices should look like in the future.

Finally, if you want to get access to Huawei MateXs, you also need to pay attention to some small details in daily use. For example, do not touch the screen with sharp objects, do not overbend the screen, the most important thing is not to let the fuselage into the water, daily use must be careful, try to avoid the phone from being hit or dropped, this is, after all, a high-precision electronic product. I believe that Huawei MateXs will go to the public by virtue of its hardware and software strength, and become the choice of many people.

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