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Huawei M5 Tablet Youth Version Review

However, in terms of portability, functionality, practicality and other aspects, tablets are still the first choice for light entertainment in the office! Huawei has officially released its latest tablet product: Huawei tablet M5 Youth Edition (8 inches). It is targeted at those who pursue large-screen audio-visual entertainment, family leisure and entertainment, and hope to be able to carry out lightweight office work. So what are the advantages and specific experience of this Huawei tablet M5 youth version (8 inches)? Let”s take a look at

Huawei  M5 Youth Edition  Outlook Design

For a tablet, the importance of the screen is self-evident. The new Huawei tablet M5 Youth Edition uses an 8.0-inch screen with a resolution of 1920×1200. The unique 16:10 ratio is more suitable for video and audio format and has a wider field of vision when watching movies in full screen. The frame of the fuselage is not very wide, and the white space around it is actually for the sake of the feel, so it is convenient to hold it, even if it is held with one hand, it will not feel difficult. The

Is definitely a top priority for a tablet device with an 8-inch screen. Huawei flat M5 Youth Edition (8 inches) has a large fillet design all over the body, which is in line with ergonomics. The fillet at the corner and the surrounding chamfer can maximize the feel of the hand and reduce the discomfort caused by holding for a long time. With the weight of 310g, it not only has a sense of weight in hand, but also will not be too heavy. If you are lying in bed watching video, even if you accidentally fall, it will not cause too much “harm”.

The back of the fuselage is made of metal, and the round arc extends from the back to the corners. The camera in the upper left corner also has a circular trimming design around it, which looks a bit more flexible. The back of the fuselage is made of fine metal frosted texture, and even the “sweaty Star Man” like the editor does not have to worry about leaving ugly sweat stains. I believe careful friends have noticed that there is a row of holes at the top and bottom of Huawei’s M5 youth version (8 inches). In fact, he is one of the highlights of this tablet: two-sided stereo speakers. The

Huawei  M5 Youth Edition (8-inch) uses two stereo speakers and is equipped with an independent smart power amplifier chip. Symmetrical layout, no matter what posture you hold, will not be affected. Especially when watching blockbusters, the blessing of dual stereo speakers, coupled with Harman Catton professional tuning, can bring you an immersive audio-visual experience. Not only that, the, HUAWEI Histen sound field expansion technology can surround the sound field at 360 °. Even if you don’t wear headphones, you can still enjoy world-class high-quality sound effects! Alone at home, unwilling to get out of bed to turn on the computer, holding a tablet can get a shocking audio-visual effect.

Huawei  M5 Youth Edition Features

As a tablet product targeting home entertainment, Huawei tablet M5 Youth Edition (8 inches) also has a technology-friendly watch function that is suitable for both young and old, and intelligent voice control. Through the built-in voice assistant, whether it is watching video, listening to music, watching the news, you can use your mouth to solve the problem. For families with old people or children at home, the cost of learning is almost zero and the experience is far better than other similar products. As long as the elderly and children say the order, the tablet will be able to respond in time. It is the best way for children to learn new knowledge and for the elderly to relax and relieve boredom.

Not only that, in the voice assistant interface, you will also recommend weather, hot video news, food recipes, animation and other information to fully meet the needs of the family. You can also go to the content store to download various apps. Covers news, video, food, education, health and other major categories, hundreds of applications. When you are driving, cooking, taking a bath and so on, you can easily get the information you want through voice commands, which is simply a miracle of happiness in life. Imagine that when you want to cook a table meal for your family, just put the tablet next to you and use voice commands to check recipes, read the operation, and easily finish the meal.

High-tech-blessed electronic products bring a lot of love and convenience to people’s lives, but many parents are also worried that their children’s long-term use will affect their eyesight. In order to improve this situation, Huawei tablet M5 Youth Edition (8 inches) has made a series of optimizations for child users. First of all, the gravity sensing function of the fuselage can judge the posture of the child, prompt the child to adjust the sitting position in time, filter the blue light technology, reduce the proportion of blue in the spectrum, reduce the blue light to protect the eyes and relieve the eye fatigue, and use the time planning. parents can easily control the time and duration of their children’s use.

In terms of hardware configuration, Huawei tablet M5 Youth Edition (8 inches) is equipped with Kirin 710 chip, which improves single-core performance by 75% and multi-core performance by 68%. Even running large 3D games can be perfect for Handle. To this end, we specifically used the mainstream “Honor of Kings” for the actual experience, after several rounds of games, Huawei tablet M5 youth version (8 inches) did not stutter the entire situation, the frame rate has been stable at about 60 frames, the performance is very good.

When it comes to intelligence, Huawei’s tablet M5 Youth Edition (8 inches) also has a smart scan function. It can not only take pictures and identify objects, one-click search and purchase, but also can be translated in real time. Even if you travel abroad and encounter unrecognized road signs and menus, you can translate them in time to solve your urgent needs. Not only that, it can also identify objects, plants, animals and so on. For a curious child, it is the best helper who can help him understand and understand the world.

For the office needs of adults, Huawei Share can achieve one-click printing, photo document sharing and other functions. At the same time, it also supports file transfer between Huawei mobile phones, Huawei devices and computers with Mac and Windows operating systems. Simple and fast file transfer and sharing can greatly improve your work efficiency.

As a tablet product targeting home entertainment, Huawei M5 tablet Youth Edition (8 inches) really let us see a lot of excellence. With its excellent compact design, powerful voice interaction, excellent hardware configuration, and an age-friendly mode of operation, it is no exaggeration to call it a “must-have artifact for the family of the new era”. In fact, mobile entertainment should be so simple and suitable for the whole family. If you also have these needs, then I think Huawei tablet M5 Youth Edition will be a good choice.

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