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How to make parents feel the warmth brought by science and technology?


For young people, the Internet and intelligent technology have long been inseparable from their lives, and “going out without a penny” has become a capital for us to show off to foreigners. But the Spring Festival is just around the corner, and when I”m going home to be reunited with my parents, I suddenly think of one thing– are my parents about to be eliminated in this fast-paced Internet era?

The previous example of Jiaxing Library is slapping our young people in the face. Our parents do not want to be eliminated by the times. They even want to fully integrate into this fresh era. However, the middle-aged and elderly are slow to get in touch with and master new things, and we often don’t even have the patience to stop and wait for them.

This Spring Festival, I hope you will add more intelligent products to your parents’ gift list. They should also enjoy the fun brought by the Internet and the warmth contained in science and technology. 

What advice can I give you?

If you only want “fish” and are not interested in “fishing”, you can skip to the next paragraph.

As the saying goes, “courtesy is light and affection is important”. Giving gifts to parents is never “the more expensive the better”, but lies in the heart. In terms of the technology gifts we are going to talk about today, the same is true. So, what kind of products should we give to our parents?

First of all, understand your parents’ preferences and interests. Dad likes reading? Mom likes square dancing? These are all too simple. Parents usually like to do what they like best, just look at what they post the most in their moments. But that’s not the point. Do you know what color bag mom likes to carry? What style of shoes do you like to wear? Do you know that Dad likes to drink tea, which kind of tea is his favorite? I’m afraid you need to observe these carefully when you stay with your parents.

Secondly, it is necessary to be clear about the needs of parents. Parents like to watch dramas, give them a big TV? Believe me, they always think the TV at home is good, and the screen is big and clear. Most of the time, what we think our parents need is just what we think.

Then, find out how much your parents need this product. When you decide to give something, think more about how much they need it. Practicality is the only rule to give them gifts. For example, mom’s hands are shaking when she takes pictures, and the pictures are all pasted. Should we buy her the best camera phone? No, the anti-shake effect is good, the photo interface is simple enough, the gaudy function is not what she wants.

Finally, starting from their own economic conditions, do not “make your face fat”. Excessive consumption is a burden on your parents, which will make them feel “uneasy” when they receive gifts.

What technology products have I bought for my parents?

As an editor of CNMO, I have played with countless technology products over the years, and my parents happen to be curious and receptive to new things, so their daily life is more intelligent than their peers. If you still feel unsure after reading the above advice, I can give you my shopping list (it’s really not an advertisement).

Small items: tooth punch, electric toothbrush, automatic mobile phone washing, USB plug board, etc.

The older parents are, the more children pay more attention to their health. For example, my mother’s teeth have always been bad. Although she has a good habit of brushing her teeth, she always picks her teeth with a toothpick after a meal. So, I bought her an electric toothbrush to clean her mouth more thoroughly, and an electric toothpunch can also reduce the physical damage caused by toothpicks. In addition, like my father usually wash hands a little foolish, do not like to use hand sanitizer, because I feel troublesome, so I use an automatic mobile phone wash to solve the problem, reach out to automatically foam, save water and time, but also more hygienic.

Automatic mobile phone washing

Small household appliances, hand-held electric floor wipers, floor sweeping robots, wireless floor fans, etc.

When buying technology products for parents, many people will immediately think of floor-sweeping robots. Yes, parents are not as strong as they used to be, and floor-sweeping robots can save the work of bending over to sweep and mop the floor. However, from my own experience, the sweeping ability of the sweeping robot is not bad, but the ability to mop the floor can only be said to be mediocre. Therefore, mop the floor can buy a more professional hand-held electric floor scrub, its price is less than 500 yuan, electric mop is cleaner, and does not need too much effort.

Hand-held electric floor wiper

Wireless floor fans may not be suitable for gift giving during the Spring Festival, but you can consider buying one for your parents in summer. Why buy a wireless one? Wireless means that there are no messy wires on the ground, making it a bit more secure. In addition, it is more convenient to move. I believe everyone knows how hot it is to cook in the kitchen in summer. With it, my mother will take it with her when she cooks and washes clothes. Remember to buy one that supports remote control of your mobile phone, so that you can control it on your phone when you sit on the bed or on the sofa.

Large household appliances, intelligent washing and drying machine, smart screen, etc.

There is no need for me to say more about washing and drying all-in-one machines, there are many such products on the market now, but when I buy them, I still suggest that you buy more intelligent products. Are you afraid that your parents won’t be able to operate with a mobile phone? Are you sure that the text on the integrated machine is so small that it can only be seen clearly with a microscope? are you sure it is more reliable than the mobile phone interface?

Why mention the smart screen but not the TV, because I bought it for its camera. The built-in lift camera is more beautiful and safer than a plug-in camera, and of course, the most important thing is that it allows me and my family to make online video more freely. Mobile phone cameras often only see each other’s upper body due to distance restrictions, but the smart screen can see the family sitting on the sofa during the video. At first glance, loving parents, bouncing dogs, neat living rooms, calligraphy and paintings on the wall, which represent “home”, are all installed in your video picture, and the feeling of eliminating distance and being there cannot be done by a mobile phone.

The best gift is companionship

With the development of the Internet and science and technology, there is no distance between us and our parents who are far away. Those thoughtful New year gifts can help them keep up with this era of rapid development, but more importantly, their emergence has given us more common topics with our parents. it also saves some worries for us who are too busy to take care of our parents.

“Son, why doesn’t this sweeping robot sweep the floor?” Mom, I’ll teach you by video. A floor-sweeping robot can give us more opportunities to communicate with our parents, but do parents really only want a “robot”?

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