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Honor 9X Pro night shooting camera review

Explore Changsha Night with Honor 9X PRO

Honor 9X PRO rear main camera is 48 million pixels, and can be hardware straight out. High pixels can bring clearer detail expression, which is more thoroughly reflected in the night scene. The ability to achieve such a high pixel is due to the fact that the Honor 9X PRO uses a sensor with a size of 1 inch and 2 inches. The larger the size of the sensor, the stronger the photosensitivity, which can ensure the clear night scene photos with high pixels and control the noise at the same time. In addition, the F1.8 aperture with a large size sensor, photosensitive ability is also very good.

Honor 9X PRO Photo sample

Tea look pleasant can be said to have become a business card of Changsha. In the downtown area of Changsha, you can basically run into its shop every few steps. The pleasant appearance of tea is not only delicious, its traditional style store decoration is also a bright scenery by the side of the road. But for mobile phone photos, the billboard is easily overexposed. Honor 9X PRO performs very well, the large-size sensor brings pure picture effect, good photosensitivity, and the overall picture is transparent and textured.

Honor 9X PRO Night shot sample

Is particularly important for night shots with large size sensors and high sensitivity. The former can bring pure picture and effectively reduce noise. The latter can bring a transparent picture, after all, the premise of taking a good picture must be to be able to take a clear picture and see it. In this sample, one is the overall brightness of the picture, and the other is the noise that may be caused by the background light. But Honor 9X PRO performance is all right.

Honor 9X PRO Night shot

Honor 9X PRO”s main camera is 48 million pixels, which can produce 48 million pixel photos in hardware. For night shooting, the biggest fear is to enlarge and look at the details, and at this point, Honor 9X PRO is not afraid at all. On the right is the directly enlarged look, and the font is still very clear, which is the benefit of large-size sensors with high pixels.

Honor 9X PRO Night shooting sample sheet 

We always said that the ideal situation for taking a picture is what you get is what you see. But for today’s mobile phone photos, the income can exceed what you can see. Our eye itself is a camera, and the night scene of mobile phone photography can be better than that of the eye camera. Photography technique is a part, mobile camera photography is a more important part, which is inseparable from the mobile phone photography algorithm.

Now various brands of mobile phone photo competition has become an algorithm competition. With the powerful performance of Kirin 810 processor, Honor 9X PRO can actively identify scenes and optimize them for different scenarios. And the photos taken have been optimized, and the whole process has basically achieved a seamless experience.

Honor 9X PRO Night shot sample

Honor 9X PRO Night shoot

In this sample, Honor 9X PRO will automatically recognize it as a night scene and actively switch to handheld super night view mode. After turning on the hand-held super night scene mode, you can clearly feel that the overall picture is brighter, as if adding a magical filter. However, the sky noise of the background is still well controlled, within an acceptable range.

In addition, the night scene mode can set the exposure time and ISO, and also supports 2x zoom function, which makes it easy for you to create. Of course, the hand-held super night view mode requires a certain amount of time to take pictures, so try to avoid some moving objects in the picture, otherwise there will naturally be shadows.

Honor 9X PRO Night shoot sample

Wen Heyou also said to Changsha that it is also a landmark brand, and its door is always full of people. Warm street lamps, the queue of people, the fireworks of life.

Honor 9X PRO Night Photo

Honor 9X PRO Night Photo

When it comes to food, you can’t do without stinky tofu. In Changsha, stinky tofu shops can be seen everywhere as well as the pleasing appearance of tea. And the taste is really good, everyone who comes to Changsha is worth a taste.

Honor 9X PRO Night Photo

Night, Changsha downtown area can be visited is actually very concentrated, a long pedestrian street runs through the downtown area. And this pedestrian street is also the place where the flow of people is most concentrated, in addition to various shopping malls, but also interspersed with a variety of snack streets.

Honor 9X PRO Night Photo

And when you come here, you are often the first to see the IFS logo. In this scene, the ultra-bright large screen forces the overall exposure of the mobile camera to be lowered, while the portrait behind is difficult to capture, and Honor 9X PRO strikes a good balance between the two.

Honor 9X PRO Night Photo

Changsha is a city with a very developed economy at night, but the city’s nights don’t just belong to young people. On the streets of the city, the scene of family shopping hand in hand can be seen everywhere, and of course, square dancing can be seen everywhere. This is a very casual city, without the fast pace of going to the north and going far and wide. At the same time, it is also a vibrant city, and groups of all ages can find their favorite forms of entertainment on this night.

Said so much, as far as the feeling is concerned, the night shoot of Honor 9X PRO really gave me a big surprise. However, the specific level can only be judged after comparison. Now I will compare it with a flagship mobile phone with a price of 3000 yuan. The comparison is mainly aimed at different lighting conditions and different scenes, below we directly through the sample to specific analysis.

Honor 9X PRO Night Photo sample

Honor 9X PRO, on the left is the current flagship mobile phone. This scene is a shunguang scene, and the light is quite sufficient, so whether it is the words on the card or the plants in the background, it is very clear. The difference lies in the color tendency, the Honor 9X PRO is a little warmer and closer to the real scene, while the whole picture on the right is very cold.

Honor 9X PRO night photo

Is also a relatively well-lit scene, and in this photo, the difference between the two is actually very small. Intuitively, Honor 9X PRO will be a little clearer, especially after zooming in to see the details, there will be a little advantage. Therefore, the well-lit scene does not well reflect the difference in mobile phone photography.

Honor 9X PRO Night Photo

Not only the intensity of the light, but also the complexity of the light. In this photo, because there are all kinds of lights around, the ambient light is relatively complex. In the photo, you can clearly feel that the overall picture of Honor 9X PRO is more transparent, clearer and more saturated in color, unlike the one on the right, which is very restrained in order to control exposure. The scene of

Honor 9X PRO sample shot

Is even more complicated, and the overall picture is very dim on the right in order to control the exposure. On the other hand, the picture of Honor 9X PRO is much better, the complex and colorful lights are not overexposed, the color is very bright, the picture is transparent, and the details are in place.

Honor 9X PRO Night shot

In this indoor scene, the light is actually very simple, but the right side feels a little empty, and the whole picture seems to be covered with fog. The Honor 9X PRO is much clearer, not only the lights, but also the background.

Honor 9X PRO Night shot sample

And in this scene aimed at a single outdoor light plate, the right side wants to brighten the picture, but it is still a bit overexposed, which also makes the overall picture empty and the color a little serious. In this scene, the overall picture of Honor 9X PRO is cold, but the lights are clear and the overall picture is transparent.

Honor 9X PRO

Bottom line

Honor 9X series has achieved 300000 sales on its first day of sale, which shows that the series is very successful. And from today’s night shot measurement, Honor 9X PRO has the strength to be called a night shot artifact.

Each of us has the desire to record the wonderful moments of life. A mobile phone with a good picture can bring more fun to our lives. Night shooting strength reflects the hard power of mobile phone photography. If you want a phone with a good photo shoot at a price of about 2000 yuan, then Honor 9X PRO is undoubtedly a very good choice.

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