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GoPro HERO8 Review. It is the Best Partner for Video Lovers

2019, various manufacturers began to focus on the improvement of video recording capabilities, professional digital microsheets become more and more lightweight, and the video recording parameters of smartphones are also improving. But the complex operation of professional digital micro-order deters some novice users, and the single shooting scene of smart phone can not satisfy the appetite of the majority of players.

If you want to better record your life, GoPro may be a good choice. I used GoPro HERO3 to shoot video a few years ago, and with good stability and good picture quality, it”s hard to imagine that it was shot by a small device the size of a slap. With the continuous updating and iteration of products, GoPro is also constantly improving the stability of video recording, coupled with the compact design that is easy to carry, more and more consumers are willing to learn about GoPro, and use GoPro products.

Now, GoPro is no longer the exclusive tool for extreme sports players, and the majority of ordinary consumers can also use GoPro to shoot brilliant works. Recently, GoPro released a new product, HERO8 Black, ‘s new HyperSmooth 2.0 anti-shake, and more features designed for ordinary users, so I have a new look forward to it. Maybe you only need to carry a GoPro camera to record the beauty of the world anytime and anywhere.

 GoPro HERO8 Review: Still small appearance

After years of update iteration, the GoPro camera has formed a fixed design style. Except for some changes in details, there is not much difference as a whole. Compared with the GoPro HERO6 I still use today, the appearance of the GoPro HERO8 Black has not changed significantly, although it is a little larger, but it is still within the control of one hand.


Has to say that I have a sense of security with the GoPro HERO8 Black because it has the same sides as the previous GoPro camera and uses rubber protection, which can also reduce the risk of falling off the camera.

In addition, the biggest surprise of GoPro HERO8 Black is that the camera itself can connect multiple accessories. Because the base of the Hero8 can be folded directly, it is easy to receive. This design also allows us to say goodbye to the GoPro protective shell, further reducing the weight of the whole machine, while making it portable to the extreme. The folding connector at the bottom of the


Is worth mentioning that the interface of the GoPro HERO8 Black has also become more simple, this time the GoPro moves all the interfaces to the same side as the battery compartment, and removes the mini HDMI interface, which means that the integration of the GoPro HERO8 Black is stronger. At the same time, HERO8’s battery compartment protection cover also supports removal, making it easier to install batteries, memory cards and other operations, and more user-friendly for the user experience.

Somewhat unexpectedly, the lens glass of GoPro HERO8 Black does not support disassembly, so you need to be careful when using it on a daily basis. Of course, if you are really worried, you can also buy the patch officially provided by GoPro.


The battery of this HERO8 is also the same as the previous GoPro camera, still the capacity of 1220mAh. However, when I shove other batteries into the body of the GoPro HERO8, the camera will be prompted to connect the HERO8 exclusive battery for more features, but if you ignore this prompt, it will not affect daily use, so the previous GoPro battery accessories can still be used.

 GoPro HERO8 Review: Easier to use

How to make more users fall in love with GoPro? I think a simple and easy-to-use interface is essential. Now, GoPro HERO8 Black has also been replaced with more intuitive UI, including photo viewing angle, shooting mode selection, anti-shake enhancement, slow motion and other switches, all of which are arranged on the main interface of the screen. In the process of daily use, you only need to click and slide directly to switch different functions.

When using GoPro HERO8 Black, I will customize several different presets, set the upgrade and photo quality at once, and directly turn on the corresponding shooting mode in different scenes, which can also greatly improve the shooting efficiency.

As we all know, GoPro also specially designed App, such as system firmware upgrade, video export, etc., all of which are inseparable from it, and even in some scenarios where it is impossible to control the GoPro manually, the adjustment can be completed directly on the mobile phone App. Of course, I personally hope that GoPro can also bring custom presets to App in the future, because adding different presets to this small screen of GoPro is still a bit tedious, and the experience should be better if it can be set on the phone.


On your phone in fact, when you use GoPro App, you will find that this App already covers many of our commonly used features, and you can even edit and share videos in GoPro App if you like. Of course, you can also download these videos to your phone and edit them using App such as VUE, flash, clip and so on.

In addition, GoPro HERO8 Black also retains the classic voice-activated shooting function. If we can’t open GoPro, by hand, just say “GoPro starts recording” directly to it, and it can be used normally.


Of course, in addition to recording daily scenery, many consumers will also use GoPro to shoot delay video. In order to provide a richer way to play, the new TimeWarp 2.0 can automatically match the shooting speed according to different scenes and generate it automatically after the shooting is completed. According to official data, TimeWarp 2.0 provides automatic, as well as 2x, 5x, 10x, 15x and 30x shooting speeds, which is enough to match different scenes. Although this kind of experience will confuse some first-time users, it must be very friendly for beginners.


In the process of shooting delay photography, you can also click on the screen to return to normal speed. If used properly, we don’t even need to drag the video to PR for secondary editing, which greatly improves the playability. How is the picture quality?

I believe that many consumers will be concerned about the shooting quality of GoPro, through the parameters, the performance of GoPro HERO8 Black is still very satisfactory. The GoPro HERO8 Black still uses the classic GP1 processor and supports video recording up to 4K60fps in 16:9 mode and up to 4K30fps in 4:3 mode. This kind of video shooting ability is exactly the same as that of the previous generation of HERO7.


But this time GoPro adds a higher video bitrate than the previous generation of products. When shooting video, we can choose to use the bitrate of 100Mbps, so the picture quality of GoPro HERO8 Black will be better than that of the previous generation HERO7.

So, in the better ambient light of the day, there is no problem shooting with GoPro HERO8, better picture quality performance and GoPro’s consistent super anti-shake, it is enough to help you record all the pictures you want.


But the smaller GoPro HERO8 Black also has an obvious drawback, that is, when the ambient light is insufficient at night, the GoPro phase will directly pull the ISO up to 6400, which directly leads to more noise in the picture.

Overall, GoPro HERO8 Black’s picture quality still outweighs its flaws. In daily shooting scenes, GoPro HERO8 Black can give you a very stable picture quality performance, and it is enough to use it to shoot daily life.

Super anti-shake + good radio = what are the factors required for a good GoPro

Video? In my opinion, stable picture and good radio effect must be the most basic. In order to improve the performance of video recording, this GoPro HERO8 Black brings us the brand new “HyperSmooth 2.0”, which not only provides three levels of anti-shake, but also can directly click the button on the screen to enter the anti-shake enhancement mode before the video is filmed.

Disable HyperSmooth 2.0 anti-shake

And enable HyperSmooth 2.0 anti-shake

By comparison, after supporting HyperSmooth 2.0, GoPro HERO8 Black is sufficient to meet the needs of video recording in mobile scenes. Even if the video is recorded while running, there is almost no wobble in the picture, which makes it hard to imagine that this is a picture taken by a hand-held camera.

It is important to note that when anti-shake enhancement is turned on, GoPro will make some trimming of the picture, but it does not look obvious in “linear” mode, and such a shooting perspective is sufficient for some video photographers. The radio effect of the

GoPro HERO8 Black is also slightly better than that of previous generations, using a three-microphone design, one of which is located on the front of the fuselage. This also ensures that the GoPro camera can accurately record the voice of the subject and improve the quality of the video.

But the internal recording of GoPro HERO8 Black can still record the surrounding background sound, and when there is a car passing by or other passers-by talking, it will be included in the video. So if you want a purer audio recording, a more directional gun microphone should be a must.


But in the final analysis, GoPro HERO8 Black is the best device that can help you record your life. Now I bring GoPro HERO8 Black+GoPro Shorty to shoot when I go out, this combination can meet the daily shooting needs, used to record vlog, share personal life, can be said to be just right.

The most powerful Vlog device is coming

In Vlog has become a hot moment, more and more people begin to come into contact with this new way of entertainment and social interaction. However, there is still a certain distance between GoPro HERO8 Balck and the strongest Vlog devices.


Most of the devices currently known as “Vlog artifacts” have a flip screen design, which is also designed to let users better understand the composition of the whole picture and greatly improve the production rate of Vlog. At the same time, audio is also a major part of video, if you connect a gun pointing phone through hot boots or other means, it will also greatly improve the sound quality of Vlog video.


In fact, GoPro has provided us with a good solution, that is, the “GoPro Media Module”. Media options, display options and lighting options specially built for GoPro HERO8 Black are already on the shelves and will go on sale in December. With these kits, GoPro HERO8 Black is truly upgraded to “complete” and is eligible to become a true Vlog artifact.

It makes you fall in love with photography

Today, when mobile phones are becoming more and more powerful, I used to think that mobile phones are enough to replace cameras. It wasn’t until I met GoPro HERO8 Black, that I realized that the phrase “specialization in the art industry” was more than just words. 

GoPro HERO8 Black gives me the opportunity to record the beauty of the world in a new way. From the hustle and bustle of people on the street to the life that is different every day, I also know a different self through GoPro HERO8 Black’s eyes.

Now, I use more than half of the power of GoPro almost every day, and I find that I love photography so much. The emergence of

GoPro HERO8 Black, through a very low threshold, so that novice users like me can share their lives with you. I think such a device can also become the best partner for video lovers.

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