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Good news for vapers: the latest Apepal Unique RDTA Atomizer is in pre-ordering

As a electronic cigarette vaper, you must know the weaknesses of it, such as the posibility of e-liquid flowing backward, the hard-control of airflow, or the impured taste. Actually, these problems are all due to the atomizer. Rare atomizers can overcome these disadvantages. 

The good news is to facilitate our consumers, the Apepal company now has finished our new variant RDTA atomizer  which can conquer the above weakness when smokers use this atomizer to smoke the electronic cigarette.


Unlike those normal RDTA atomizers, the Apepal Unique RDTA Atomizer uses the special anti-leak design — the original rotate-to-wick-cotton structure, which can not only free the smokers from worrying about e-liquid leaking while vaping, but also make wicking cotton easier.


Two post deck for single coil building. When you rotate the deck till the arrow aims at the “fire” sign, the wicking holes is the minimum size, thus, you can heartily enjoy your vaping; when you rotate the deck till the arrow aims at the “water drop” sign, you can detach the atomizer and fill e-liquid.


About the airflow control issue. There are 8 airflow holes on the top side of the gadget, each of them is 2mm diameter. The top cap of this atomizer can be rotated to open or close those holes so that to adjust the airflow. The 15mm big 2 post deck supports single coil and is easy to build.

What’s more, the RDTA structure atomizer is the most popular atomizer type at present which not only offers the smoke volume and taste same as the RDA structure atomizer but also is convenient to use as the oil atomizer. Besides those, the atomization area is separated with the tank, so that when  the atomization is heating, the e-jiuce won’t be heated, which maximum the pure taste of the e-liquid.

The surprise is the price! On the market, the lowest price for an RDTA atomizer is 20 US dollars, but now our Gearbesoffers you this Apepal Unique RDTA Atomizer with just 14.99 US dollars! To bring our users this unique gadget, our Gearbest website is doing a promotion for it and is accepting the reservation now. If you are interested in this new stuff, you can click the product picture at the bottom to view more details or buy it.

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