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Gearbest Android App upgrated to V2.0.0: so what’s new?

The Gearbest App has recently been upgraded to V2.0.0 to provide an even better customer experience – get all the best gear at the best price! The latest version is ready to download right now. Then I’ll tell you what’s new in the latest Gearbest App.

We’ll show you what’s new and improved in the latest version (V2.0.0) compared to a previous version. We’ll use V1.9.0 as an example.


1. Upgraded network handling

In our old App, some users experienced intermittent slowdown when loading certain product pages. But this issue is no longer present in the update. Our development team focused on optimizing the network handling to significantly improve page loading times (assuming same network conditions) for a much smoother shopping experience.


V2.0.0                                                                 V1.9.0

2. Personalized product recommendations are now location-specific

This is all about providing a smarter shopping experience. Recommended products are now based on your specific location, ensuring that you can receive your orders even faster.

3. General improvements

Additional work under the hood has made V2.0.0 our best ever release: more code optimization, more bugs squashed, and general performance gains.

4. NEW multi-currency payment function

V2.0.0 brings small change in “Select Currency” – the orange background makes it outstanding. Alongside the US Dollar, you can choose other major currencies including the Euro (€), British Pound (£), Japanese Yen (¥), and other national currencies on our app for convenient order payment. Prices are the same as the website.


V2.0.0                                                                 V1.9.0

5. Optimized account management

Any and all “Coupons” you have are now visible under “Account”, ensuring you save the maximum amount at all times.


                                 V2.0.0                                                                                              V1.9.0 

6. New categories design

We use compact symbols to indicate each categories instead of pictures of products from certain brands.


V2.0.0                                                             V1.9.0

This list is by no means exhaustive, there are many other changes waiting for you to be discovered! Download our V2.0.0 App from Google Play or by scanning QR code below to find those changes together!


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