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Deye large area dehumidifier DYD-D50A3 review

And this kind of day will continue until mid-July or late July, which means that we will not be able to bask in the sun for a long time, and there will be no more dry underwear every day! And have to face the terrible crisis of moldy food and clothing at home at any time, it seems that we are going to have a real “battle” with Meiyu.

To deal with the wet and damp weather of Meiyu, in fact, all you need is this artifact-dehumidifier. Dehumidifier is the quickest dehumidification helper at present. When the dehumidifier is turned on on a rainy day, the heater inside the dehumidifier will heat the inhaled wet air, then condense it into dew through the condenser, store it in a water tank, and finally discharge the dry and warm air from the dehumidifier. This is how the stuffy crisis is easily solved with the help of a dehumidifier.

In the face of such humid and bad weather, our PConlinereview room can”t stand it any longer, so we have to show the dehumidification artifact-Deye large area dehumidifier DYD-D50A3. After using it, will the stuffy environment be improved? Let’s take a look at it together.

First, the appearance is gorgeous, and the upgraded bright side of the fuselage is full of texture.

Deye dehumidifier DYD-D50A3 ‘s appearance design is very pleasing to the eye, the classic black and white design, the atmosphere is gorgeous, let the person shine in front of the eyes. Compared with the previous generation of Deye dehumidifier, this Deloitte DYD-D50A3 has been further upgraded to a bright panel on the fuselage, which is more textured.

Second, details upgrade: intimate design to make large area dehumidification more efficient.

Sensitive touch screen with various functions.

Into the Deye dehumidifier DYD-D50A3, into the eye is its delicate touch LED double display large screen, black acrylic touch screen set up wifi, child lock, dry clothes, humidity, demeanor adjustment, timing and switch and other multi-function keys, the response is very sensitive.

This stable and high-end touch screen can also see the humidity of the whole environment and the humidity parameters you want to set in real time, making it easy for you to deal with wet rainy days.

Deye dehumidifier DYD-D50A3 has low, medium and high wind speed adjustable, in case of stuffy and damp Meiyu days, turn on high wind speed dehumidification, then the environmental humidity will drop in minutes.

In addition, Deye dehumidifier DYD-D50A3 also sets up a child lock function, even if you leave the dehumidifier at home, you do not have to worry about bear children playing with it, causing unnecessary harm to the machine.

Operate the dehumidifier regularly before going to bed at night, quietly dehumidify you while you sleep, provide a comfortable sleep environment, do not disturb and save electricity, which is simply not too sweet.

Rotate the universal wheel at 360 °and go wherever you need it.

Generally speaking, dehumidifiers are relatively bulky, if you want to move is a very laborious thing, and Deye dehumidifier DYD-D50A3 specially equipped with a 360 °rotary balance universal wheel at the bottom of the fuselage, where the home needs dehumidification, it is very convenient. And the wheel is made of PU, so the resistance is low when pushing, and it won’t scratch the floor.

It is easy to accept and does not take up space, and the dehumidification of the oversized water tank is more lasting.

Meiyu weather is wet everywhere, if you have to drag a long line to push the dehumidifier, it will be even more messy. Deye dehumidifier DYD-D50A3 wire storage is very easy. This time, Deye dehumidifier improved the back design, not like the previous generation, let the air outlet occupy a large area of the back, but let the air outlet focus on the upper part of the back, leaving more space for wire storage.

The retractable winding posts make the wires more secure, less cluttered, and beautiful.

In addition, in order to make the whole dehumidification process lasting and efficient, then a large water tank is essential. The water storage tank of Deye dehumidifier DYD-D50A3 has a large space of 8L, and the whole house needs to be dehumidified once a day, which is really easy and labor-saving.

It is worth mentioning that the water storage design of Deye dehumidifier DYD-D50A3 adopts electromagnetic float technology, which will stop automatically when the water is full, which is safe and reliable, and there is no need to worry about the problem of overflow in the process of dehumidification.

Third, performance test: the dehumidification of the whole house takes only 2 hours, and the dry clothes are super worry-free.

Generally speaking, people will feel more comfortable and will not feel muggy and uncomfortable at an average room temperature of 24 / 30 ℃ and a relative humidity of 55% / 65%.

But the plum rainy season not only occurs in the hot summer, the temperature often soars to 35 degrees, the environmental relative humidity is 85%, this terrible “sauna day”, if you do not dehumidify and cool down in time, you may easily cause a big deal.

The dehumidification effect of the formal battle, dehumidifier with Meiyu is particularly important, so what is the dehumidification effect of the Deye dehumidifier DYD-D50A3 we got?

1. Dehumidification effect test: 1 hour fast dehumidification, sound decibels as low as 48dB.

In a closed environment, we put the dehumidifier in a living room with an area of 60 square meters to simulate the actual home experience.

We recorded the humidity of the living room before turning on the machine, and recorded the humidity after dehumidification two hours later, in order to test the dehumidification effect of the new Deye DYD-D50A3 dehumidifier.

Because of the continuous rain in the past few days, the air humidity in the living room has soared to 82% RH. I feel the damp breath as soon as I enter the living room.

An hour later, the air humidity in the living room has dropped obviously, to 55% RH, at this time we will not feel damp, sticky and uncomfortable in the living room.

This is enough to show that Deye dehumidifier DYD-D50A3 is fully competent to achieve rapid dehumidification in Meiyu weather, so that you can spend every day comfortably at home.

In addition, in the whole dehumidification process, even if the high-end wind speed dehumidification is turned on, the sound of Deye dehumidifier DYD-D50A3 is only 48dB, quiet and not disturbing.

2. dry clothes function test: don’t worry about drying quickly, and you can change into clean clothes every day.

In the battle with Meiyu weather, it is also a fierce battle to get clean clothes on the bed every day. And Deye’s new DYD-D50A3 dehumidifier has its own dry clothes function, which allows you to change into new clothes every day in this continuous rainy season.

We hang the freshly washed clothes in the bedroom, turn on the drying mode of the dehumidifier, and use the dehumidifier to dry clothes in less than 4 hours, the clothes are as dry as new! Use Deye dehumidifier DYD-D50A3, in addition to daily dehumidification, did not expect to have worry-free dry clothes this unexpected joy, can not help but blow it rainbow fart!

Fourth, support intelligent remote control, dehumidification is under control.

Deye dehumidifier DYD-D50A3 also supports intelligent APP remote control, which can be arranged in advance even when you are away from home. You can control the dehumidification situation in one hand, and you will be comfortable when you get home, and you no longer have to endure the damp and stuffy environment.

How to realize intelligent remote control by using Deye dehumidifier DYD-D50A3 for the first time? The first step is to download “Deye Intelligent APP” in the mobile app store, long press the wifi button on the touch screen to enter the matching mode, and follow the instructions to connect to the Deye dehumidifier equipment. The whole process is less than two minutes, even if the elders at home want to use mobile phone control can also quickly learn!

The main interface of Deye Intelligent APP can see the temperature and humidity of your city. After entering the control interface of the dehumidifier, the mobile phone APP includes all the functions on the touch screen of the dehumidifier, such as child lock, timing, drying clothes, wind speed adjustment and so on.

In addition, you can also choose the dehumidification or dry clothes mode on the Deye intelligent APP, set the humidity, etc., remote dehumidification, all in the palm control.

In addition, it can also be controlled by Tmall elf voice, liberating hands without pressure.

Fifth, one machine is multi-purpose, and the villas, underground garages and wine cellars are competent for dehumidification.

No matter what kind of environment the Deye dehumidifier DYD-D50A3 is placed in, a bedroom as small as 25 square meters, or a wine cellar of 80 square meters, an underground warehouse of 100 square meters, or a small duplex building up to 120 square meters, Deye dehumidifier DYD-D50A3 is calm and comfortable, which can easily and efficiently achieve large area dehumidification, so that goods can be stored at ease, ensuring our living environment dry and comfortable.

If you happen to be decorating your house and you are unlucky to run into this continuous rainy day as soon as you put on the paint, you don’t have to worry about it. Because of the Deye dehumidifier DYD-D50A3, it can circulate dehumidification, let your home just painted paint drain quickly, make the paint surface smooth and perfect!

In addition, the new Deye DYD-D50A3 dehumidifier can also be used in supermarkets and seafood drying and other commercial uses, it has to be said that Deye dehumidifier DYD-D50A3 is very rich in application scenarios.

Write at the end.

Deye is a professional dehumidifier enterprise. at present, the sales volume of dehumidifier in the domestic dehumidifier market is among the best, with a turnover of more than 3 million on the same day, and has been awarded the dehumidifier category NO.1 for three consecutive years.

And Deye DYD-D50A3 new dehumidifier in Tmall gadgetlocker e-commerce platform dehumidifier category is also very popular, those who have used it feel good.

In the ultimate Battle with Meiyu Day, Deye dehumidifier DYD-D50A3 can not only quickly achieve large area dehumidification in one hour, but also has a remarkable effect in saving worry in drying clothes. It is indeed a rare dehumidification helper for both domestic and commercial use.

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