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Cuber Smart instant heating drinking machine using experience

Although it is always said that drinking more hot water is easy to be rejected by others, in fact, drinking hot water plays a very important role in human history. Just like the transition from raw food to cooked food, people provide more nutrition for the brain and gradually open up wisdom. Boiled water can effectively kill parasitic eggs and bacteria in the water, put an end to the spread of disease, and improve the viability of the ancients. However, although boiled water can kill some germs and parasites, there is nothing they can do about turbid water, so before drinking water, the ancients needed to precipitate the water taken from the river and add flocculants such as alum to absorb suspended particles in the water. in order to get cleaner drinking water.


With the development of infrastructure construction, the waterworks assume the responsibility of supplying water to urban residents, and we no longer have to go to the river or well to fetch water. However, the water transported from the waterworks is also faced with the problems of excessive chlorine and secondary pollution, so many families choose to install water purifiers at home. Although the water purifier is good, it becomes very troublesome for rentals to disassemble and assemble each time. For them, a product that does not need to connect the inlet and outlet pipes, can purify water anytime and anywhere, and can also make people drink hot water can greatly improve the quality of life. The advantage of Cuber intelligence, that is, hot clean drinking machine may be a good choice for this kind of users.

Good-looking, easy to install:

In the impression of the secretary of the house, the appearance of the kitchen water purifier is nothing more than a vertical long pipe to insert three or four filter elements, although hidden under the cabinet, but there is no beauty to speak of. The advantage of Cuber intelligence is that the hot drinking machine, as a water purifier that can be placed on the table, is bright in appearance and design.


Cuber intelligence means that the main body of the hot clean drink machine sets white as the main color, with a gray independent water tank, making people feel simple without losing the sense of design. The sense of design is not only reflected in the color matching, the fuselage adopts Lego building block design, this unique design makes the white fuselage look less monotonous and plays the finishing point.

The water connecting plate and the fuselage adopt the same design language, and the detachable design is adopted at the same time, which makes the disassembly and assembly very simple and convenient. A removable heightening cup holder is also randomly attached to the package to prevent the distance between the cup mouth and the outlet from being too large when fetching water, resulting in hot water splashing. The advantage of Cuber intelligence is that the hot clean drinking machine gradually improves the user”s experience through these small details.

Cuber intelligence hot clean drink machine installation filter element

Plug and play concept runs through the advantage Cuber intelligence namely hot clean drink machine installation design concept. As long as the three filter elements are installed in the corresponding grooves according to the corresponding serial number and locked, the installation operation of the filter element is completed. The installation of the water exchange tank is the same, the water exchange tank has two interfaces, the corresponding base has two openings and a limit device, one side of the opening is the water inlet and the other side is the waste water discharge outlet, after the water exchange tank is installed according to the corresponding interface, the installation of the water exchange tank is completed.


Also has the advantage of Cuber intelligence, that is, hot clean drinking machine through waste water reflux and re-filtration to improve the machine’s pure wastewater ratio, so the waste water produced in the purification process is directly discharged into the water exchange tank, so there is a waste water separation box in the water exchange tank. When the waste water concentration of the water exchange tank reaches a certain value, the water production will be stopped.

Easy to operate, clean and efficient:

“Be simple, operate in a simple way.” when people are faced with a new thing, there will always be such an idea in mind. In order to let users get started faster, the advantages of Cuber intelligence, that is, the operation of hot clean drinks machine is also as simple as possible. There is a touch panel on the fuselage, and there are five keys on the panel, including the child lock key, room temperature, brewing milk, brewing tea and boiling water. After unlocking the child lock, click the corresponding button to get out of the water.


“Huh?” Why is there no water button? ” In fact, the advantage of Cuber intelligence is that the hot clean drinking machine uses automatic water making, which can make water automatically without manual operation. However, it should be noted that when it is used for the first time, the internal water-related parts need to be cleaned, and the normal use standard can be reached after 2 or 3 times of filtration and cleaning.

In addition to being able to make water automatically according to its own conditions, the advantage of Cuber intelligence is that as a member of the millet grocery store, more operation designs are hidden in the Mi App. Connect it to Mijia App, not only to see more information, but also to make settings accordingly.

The information of clean water quality, TDs before and after water purification, water temperature and water quantity, filter life and drinking water record can be seen on the main interface. After turning on the water temperature and water quantity, the water quantity and temperature of four different water intake modes can be set accordingly. Because the volume of the pure water tank is 1.5L, the range of water volume is controlled at 100ml / 1000ml, the temperature is controlled at-100 degrees at room temperature, and the corresponding design is carried out according to its own use. After clicking on the life of the filter element, you can view the life of each filter element, and the drinking record can record the temperature and water volume of each effluent.


Advantage Cuber intelligence means hot clean drink machine not only has a good operating system, but also has strong purification ability. Three filter elements are randomly attached, which are PAC composite filter element (PP cotton + imported carbon fiber) + GE 50G RO reverse osmosis filter element imported from USA and sintered activated carbon filter element group imported from Japan. At the same time, the third filter element can also be replaced with strontium-rich alkaline filter element.

Among them, PAC composite filter element is the first filter element, which is not only used to remove suspended matter such as sediment and rust in water, but also remove residual chlorine and organic matter in water; RO reverse osmosis filter element has a pore diameter of 0.0001 microns, which can effectively remove harmful substances such as organic matter, bacteria and heavy metal ions; activated carbon filter element is used to restrain microorganisms in water, eliminate odor in water and improve drinking taste. In addition, there is a deep ultraviolet germicidal lamp at the bottom of the pure water tank, which can kill 99.9% of the bacteria in the water.

Actual use effect and summary:

Whether a product is easy to use, just say not, only after the real use can draw the most real conclusion. In order to test the advantage of Cuber intelligence, that is, the purification ability of the hot drinking machine, the house secretary dripped yellow food pigment into the water of the water exchange tank and began to filter the clean water. It can be seen that the water coming out of the water purifier does not have any color and can be drank boldly. The purification effect can also be seen in Mijia App. The TDS of tap water is 145 and the TDS of pure water is only 3.


Next is the temperature test, according to official introduction, the advantage of Cuber intelligent hot clean drink machine uses two NTC temperature sensors, rare earth thick film heat module, accurate algorithm temperature control, can achieve 3 seconds of heat. Through the temperature measuring gun, you can see that the temperature of the water coming out of either milk or tea mode is the same as that set in App, so after setting the temperature in Mijia App, you can get the hot water you want.

From the actual test results, the advantage of Cuber intelligence is that the hot drinking machine has excellent performance in both water purification capacity and heating capacity. compared with the hot kettle, it can achieve the function of water purification; compared with barreled water, it can also drink hot water at the right temperature according to its own ideas. Compared with the under-kitchen water purifier, it is completely free from the restrictions and restrictions of water source and space, and can be placed anywhere according to your needs. At the same time, the appearance of Lego blocks and the color matching of white and gray bring a certain degree of recognition in the design. If you have a certain pursuit of life, then using the advantages of Cuber intelligence, that is, hot clean drinking machine “drink more hot water” will be a good choice.

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