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Comparison of Honor V30 PRO with iPhone 11 Pro Max, low light image.

The Honor V30 PRO master uses a 40 million-pixel Sony IMX600 RYYB supersensitive sensor and a 12-megapixels independent movie lens, which gives the Honor V30 PRO the title of “night vision”, so does the Honor V30 PRO really stand out in low light and night scene samples? Next, let”s compare the low-light images of the Honor V30 PRO with the latest iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Low light photography, a new generation of “night vision”

Before we compare, we still have to show the muscles of both sides. First of all, the first contestant is the latest generation of iPhone flagship– iPhone 11 Pro Max, ‘s latest iPhone 11 Pro Max, which is equipped with a brand new sensor, with a combination of 12 megapixels (wide angle, Fhand 1.8) + 12 megapixels (long focal angle, Fhand 2.0) + 12 megapixels (120 °ultra wide angle, Fhand 2.4) to support up to 2x optical zoom, of course, not only with triple camera,. IPhone 11 Pro Max also has night mode.

As for the Challenger Honor V30 PRO, it consists of a 40 million pixel Sony IMX 600master plus 12 megapixels movie lens plus 8 million pixel telephoto lens, a custom sensor with a scale of 16:9, and a customized movie camera to bring a cinematic picture; with hardware-level HDR, 4cm ultra-macro, five-axis intelligent anti-shake stabilization system, your vlog video perspective is exquisite and different.

In addition to ultra-wide-angle images, the Honor V30 PRO can zoom from ultra-wide-angle to 10x during video shooting. In the process of gradually switching from the ultra-wide angle to the main camera, there is a certain sense of lens fragmentation due to different sensor frames, but the Honor V30 PRO has reduced this sense of isolation as much as possible. In addition, the Honor V30 PRO is equipped with dual-scene and double-recording function, and the main camera and telephoto lens work at the same time, bringing users a different video shooting experience and Vlog material.

Next, we compare Honor V30 PRO with iPhone 11 Pro Max for video comparison test.

1. Comparison of low-light portraits.

Which of the three different pose photos would you choose in the same scene? I’m sure you’ll all choose the group shot by Honor V30 PRO.

In the custom RYYB sensor supported Honor V30 PRO, in the low light environment, the picture brightness is still clear, brighter, more gorgeous, but also more layered, while iPhone 11 Pro Max shot the picture is virtual, the character’s skin color is yellow, although in the details of iPhone or ancestral slightly better, but the face so fat, the little sister looked straight shook her head.

With the help of self-developed Leonardo da Vinci architecture NPU and Kirin ISP’s strong processing power, Honor V30 PRO is deeply integrated with the jointly designed optical system, relying on the powerful computing power of Kirin 9905G to improve the comprehensive image quality. In such a weak light environment, Honor V30 PRO has a super photosensitivity of up to 400000 ISO, dozens of times that of its competitors, and has the effect of ultra-low noise. This is a breakthrough improvement brought about by the deep integration of the camera matrix through chip / algorithm / optical devices.

Therefore, in such an environment, it is not difficult to understand that Honor V30 PRO beats iPhone 11 Pro Max. With powerful hardware and software, Honor V30 PRO is a sharp weapon favored by the younger sister.

2. Comparison of photos of still life with low light.

In the low-light still life photo comparison, the Honor V30 PRO once again crushes the competition. In the comparison video, the overall picture taken by the Honor V30 PRO is colder, while the iPhone 11 Pro Max is warmer, but shall we take a closer look? Does Honor V30 PRO feel a little bit like oil painting because of the smoothness of the details of the picture? In fact, this is also a more mainstream way of AI color blending at present. While iPhone 11 Pro Max has not added AI color blending, so in this project, the straight-out effect of Honor V30 PRO photography has been very close to the color blending scheme of oil painting, and the contrast transition between highlights and shadows is very soft.

In the second set of samples, you may not think there is much difference between the two, but if we pull the picture to the edge of the wooden man, you will find that the picture of iPhone 11 Pro Max is full of noise. This is because the iPhone 11 Pro Max sensor is too small. As the saying goes, “the bottom is too big to kill people.” the Sony IMX600 sensor of the Honor V30 PRO has a single pixel of 2.0 μ, which can take photos with higher brightness and purer picture. Easily show the beauty of the night, coupled with its customized RYYB ultrasonic sensitivity, the amount of light input is 40% higher than that of the ordinary sensor, so that the Honor V30 PRO has high photosensitivity and low noise control in extremely dark light.

So if you are looking for a mobile phone that can take strong night scenes, then the Honor V30 PRO will be a good choice for you, but what about video comparison?

3. Microfocus video comparison.

In the microfocus video comparison, the Honor V30 PRO once again crushes the iPhone 11 Pro Max,. In the comparison video, even in such a close focus, the Honor V30 PRO can still focus on the nearest leaf, but the iPhone 11 Pro Max, is completely out of focus and the picture is nothing.

This is also because the Honor V30 PRO 12 million movie lens also supports an auto-zoom macro lens with a focus distance of up to 4cm. 4cm macro video can help us capture clearer details and experience more meticulous beauty when shooting flowers and plants. In addition, you may be worried about whether the picture will be trimmed due to the use of macro shooting. In our actual experience, there is no phenomenon of automatic picture cutting, and the video playback is smooth, and there is no jelly effect in 1080p shooting.

4. Low light video contrast.

In this comparison, the Honor V30 PRO extremely dark scene camera has always been Honor’s strong point, and the comparison result is indeed the case. just entering the conference room, the door is still open, so the night scene video of the two machines can not open a big gap, but after closing the door, the gap between the two will be reflected. On the matte drawing board, the Honor V30 PRO can still show the objects in the picture, while the iPhone 11 Pro Max can only record a dark picture.?. Honor V30 PRO shot a bright and dark video, which is more stereoscopic and contrasted than iPhone 11 Pro Max, and viewers can better understand the subjects and themes to be presented in the low light video.

Especially in the night shooting scene, the normal sensitivity can not meet the current demand, and the Honor V30 PRO has ultra-high sensitivity, because the Honor V30 PRO has an ultra-sensitivity of up to 400000 ISO, dozens of times that of the competitors, while also has the effect of ultra-low noise, which is the breakthrough improvement brought about by the camera matrix through chip / algorithm / optics fusion, so there is no doubt that the Honor V30 PRO won in this comparison test.

Of course, Honor V30 PRO also relies on Kirin 9905G powerful math, Honor V30 PRO can carry out real-time color blending rendering, real-time beauty when shooting video, and even can only rely on green cloth and professional later stage to complete the AI portrait to retain color, as well as recently very hot panoramic and close-up double vision, increasing the amount of information per unit time, making the expression more colorful, which may also be the dream feature of many novice Vlogger.


Overall, in this Honor V30 PRO comparison iPhone 11 Pro Max image comparison, we live up to your expectations for the Honor V series, innovative matrix lens arrangement, classic and mature rear triple camera system, and the most anticipated Kirin 990 chip that supports dual-mode 5G, all these elements come together to create a new flagship of 5G with appearance and ability.

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