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Apple AirPods Pro hands-on review and using experience

In the fall of 2016, AirPods came with iPhone 7. With its advanced true wireless properties (at least in 2016) and the seamless connection experience, AirPods received a better-than-expected market response, and some consumers even had to wait a month to two months to get it, including myself.


In the following time, AirPods became my second high-frequency electronic product after iPhone. When I commute every day and go shopping on weekends, I wear AirPods to enjoy music. However, with the passage of time, I also found some shortcomings of the AirPods. The ear-hanging design and the compact body made it unable to give me the best sense of hearing in a noisy environment, and sometimes I even needed to increase the volume in order to hear the music clearly.

This year, Apple Watch Series 5 added noise recognition, through which I learned that the noise when the subway is running is sometimes as high as 80 decibels. It”s really hard to imagine how loud I listen to music on weekdays.

It’s time to buy a noise cancellation headset.

In order to facilitate commuting, it is imperative to buy a noise reduction headset. It was also at this time that a brand new AirPods Pro appeared in front of me. The still classic pure white design, coupled with the new active noise reduction function, is fully in line with my daily use scene. Most importantly, the price of 1999 yuan is also easy to accept for a real wireless noise reduction headset.

AirPods Pro.

Open the box and get started. The AirPods Pro charging box still uses the classic round design, but it is slightly larger than the previous generation. Officials say the AirPods Pro can have a battery life of more than 24 hours with a charging box, up to 4.5 hours of battery life on a single charge, or even five minutes of charging to play an hour of music.

It is worth mentioning that in order to meet the “Pro” status of AirPods Pro, the AirPods Pro is equipped with a wireless charging box and a USB-C to Lightning data cable is included. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of different consumers, the official also attached a set of L and S silicone covers.

AirPods Pro family photo.

AirPods Pro connects in exactly the same way as previous headphones and can be quickly paired by opening the box and getting close to the phone. This elegant pairing connection experience can not be imitated by other manufacturers overnight, and Apple’s control of the user experience is reflected in these details.

After opening the lid, the AirPods Pro can be paired directly.

When I first saw the AirPods Pro headset, I was also impressed by its size. At a time when real wireless headphones are becoming more and more popular, headphones as small as AirPods Pro and supporting noise reduction are really rare. There are only black and white colors on the surface of headphones, and this design can also give people a sense of purity.

The design of AirPods Pro is very similar to that of AirPods, and you can realize at first glance that it is a product of the AirPods family. However, unlike AirPods, the AirPods Pro adopts ear-in design, and the silicone sleeve fits perfectly with the ear canal to bring users a better noise reduction effect.

AirPods Pro.

As a headphone product, whether it is comfortable to wear is also a factor worth considering. Due to the use of ear-in design, AirPods Pro fit than the previous AirPods has a significant improvement, coupled with a new ventilation system, but also as much as possible to reduce the discomfort caused by wearing.

Detection of fit degree of earplugs.

At the software level, AirPods Pro provides a new fit test function, and the ear will play a piece of audio to check the fit of the headset to ensure that the user gets the best sense of hearing.

How about the noise cancellation experience?

When I wore AirPods Pro for the first time, I was shocked by its noise reduction effect. After wearing it, with a successful sound, the whole world became quiet in an instant. Except for a few voices that still echoed in my ears, I could hardly hear any background noise.

Wear AirPods Pro.

According to the official information, the noise reduction method of, AirPods Pro is not much different from that of other noise reduction headphones. There are two noise reduction microphones in AirPods Pro, in which the outward noise reduction Mike will detect external sound waves, and then AirPods Pro will generate the same anti-noise sound wave cancellation to achieve noise reduction.

Extroverted noise reduction Mike will detect external sound waves.

In fact, this is the “routine” of most noise reduction headphones, but AirPods Pro also has another technology, which is that the inward noise reduction Mike detects another sound wave and then cancels it with the corresponding sound wave. In other words, the sound produced by, AirPods Pro will be filtered twice, and the noise reduction function will be continuously adjusted at a frequency of 200 times per second to reduce the impact of external noise on sound quality.

Inward noise reduction Mike will detect the sound wave again.

Walking in the street with AirPods Pro, the music in your ear is the BGM of the whole world. Abandon the pure music experience brought by ambient noise and be unforgettable after using it.

Noise reduction headphones are more for commuters and travelers. When I wear a AirPods Pro, on my commute, I only need to turn on the 50% volume to hear the music clearly. With its good noise reduction effect, AirPods Pro can help me shield most of the subway noise and voices and enjoy more immersive music. And when you take off the noise reduction headphones and hear all kinds of noises in the real world, you will also have a new understanding of the noise reduction effect of AirPods Pro.

I also tested the noise reduction effect in the office environment. In the process of playing music, I can hardly hear the conversation between my colleagues in the company, but the sound of tapping on the mechanical keyboard can still be heard, which is also in the noise reduction environment, try to restore us to a real world.

Some people may ask: does wearing AirPods Pro affect communication with others? Apple clearly thought of this., AirPods Pro not only provides noise reduction mode, but also provides “transparent mode” for users to use. When transparent mode is turned on, the human voice will be transmitted to our ears through AirPods Pro and will not affect communication with others.

Headphone handle is equipped with “pressure sensor”

Apple has also designed a whole new way to interact with each other. AirPods Pro’s headphone handle is equipped with a “pressure sensor”, and we can switch between noise reduction mode and transparent mode by pressing the headphone handle for a long time. Of course, the original tapping headset switch music has also been changed to press to play / pause, press twice to play the next song, and press three times to play the previous one.

AirPods Pro.

Thanks to the addition of the H1 chip, AirPods Pro still supports “Hey Siri”, directly using voice to cut songs, the experience may be better.

It’s still a familiar sound quality

The sound quality of Apple products has always been called “plain boiled water” because Apple headphones do not overplay music. However, the AirPods Pro has been redesigned, so its sound quality performance is also worth looking forward to.

Apple officials say the, AirPods Pro uses a customized high-amplitude, low-distortion loudspeaker drive unit, which can bring a powerful bass effect. I use AirPods Pro to play a few pop songs, and when I turn on the noise reduction mode, the sound quality is not much different from that of the previous generation, but I think that the interpretation of the drumbeat of AirPods Pro is really better than that of the previous generation of AirPods.

On the whole, the overall sound of, AirPods Pro is still full of familiarity, which is what we call “plain boiled water”. It should be very appropriate to use AirPods Pro to listen to some pop music.

Is the price of 1999 yuan worth buying?

Finally, let’s discuss the price. The sound quality of the, AirPods Pro, a headset priced at 1999 yuan, is in line with our expectations. In particular, the addition of noise reduction function, but also brought an excellent user experience. If you are an Apple family bucket user, I would highly recommend you to buy this headset, because its elegant experience and powerful noise reduction ability is worthy of the name of Pro.

What if you are an Android phone user?

I think, AirPods Pro is even enough to be the power to change your phone.

Note: Android users may have a slight delay when using AirPods Pro to play games; the method of switching noise reduction / penetration mode is also a long press; and occasionally cannot connect automatically when they put it into the box and take it out.

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