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360 S7 robot vacuum cleaner review: smart water output control and excellent sweeping and mopping performance


360 S7 robot vacuum cleaner actual cleaning performance

The secretary of the house, as a working hour from nine to six, is rooted in the office every day. For editors who are rooted in the office every day, cleaning up their hair and other small trash while cleaning up the room has become the biggest headache every day. Although the robot vacuum cleaner has been used at home before, the feeling of using it is not satisfactory. First, the local mobile phone data lines and other wire is too much, the guide is easy to sweep the robot can not get out of trouble by winding the wire. Second, the little sister next door complained that the daily cleaning sound of the floor-sweeping robot was too loud. So for the sake of neighborhood harmony, the previous floor-sweeping robot was sent back to its hometown by secret mail.

360 S7 robot vacuum cleaner extricates from difficulties

However, after the measurement of the house secret, the 360 S7 robot vacuum cleaner does not have the above troubles. Because S7 transplants the self-driving technology of the Institute of artificial Intelligence, lidar with SLAM algorithm, draws a house map by radar before cleaning, identifies obstacles and plans the cleaning route reasonably.

360 S7 ground sweeping robot radar

With the intelligent learning function, the floor-sweeping robot can automatically judge the cleaning restricted area according to the data used in the past, and remind users to set the restricted area to make the cleaning room more intelligent. The 360 S7 robot vacuum cleaner also has four anti-fall sensors at the bottom of the fuselage, which can be used to determine whether there is a road ahead by the time the infrared signal is reflected back, so as to avoid falling damage.

 360 S7 robot vacuum cleaner anti-drop feature

In addition, the 360 S7 floor sweeper has a total of mute, standard and strong third gear options. The third gear suction is 800Pa, 1300Pa and 2000Pa respectively. Through the streamlined design of the air duct, the 360 S7 robot vacuum cleaner reduces the working noise without losing suction. Even in strong mode, the noise of the vacuum cleaner is only 68 decibels, while in silent mode, the sound reaches 59.8 decibels. It”s not noisy to turn on standard mode during the day, and switch to mute mode after work, which won’t disturb you who are chasing a show or playing a game.

360 S7 robot vacuum cleaner sweeping mode

 360 S7 robot vacuum cleaner suction test

It takes no more than three minutes to finish setting up a robot vacuum cleaner

As an intelligent floor-sweeping robot, 360S7 will naturally be linked with the mobile phone App. A illustrated instruction manual is randomly attached to the package, so that even the elderly and children can easily use it. Let’s scan the QR code on the manual, download the App, and press the boot button and recharge button for three seconds, and you will enter the device connection mode. 

When the WiFi indicator changes to blue flash, you can click next. Enter the WiFi password in this interface to connect the device directly. Here, I would like to remind you of one thing, that is, after entering the WiFi password for the iPhone, you need to enter the settings-wireless LAN, then connect to the WiFi hotspot of the robot vacuum cleaner, and then enter the App to be successful.

Equipment connection

In App, users can control the robot vacuum cleaner to clean. Select the desired cleaning mode and start the robot, which will scan to generate a map, intelligently partition, then synchronize the data to the phone’s App, and then start cleaning. When the cleaning is finished, the robot will automatically return to the charging base to recharge, and we can also recharge the robot in App.

Custom cleaning area

 360 S7 robot vacuum cleaner recharge

In App, we can also customize the cleaning area, and one or more custom cleaning areas can be set for users to choose. In addition, users can set the number of times to sweep as many times as they want. If you find it troublesome to set up a custom area, you can also set a restricted area. After setting it as a restricted area, the sweeping robot will not enter the area.

App interface

Of course, App also has fixed-point cleaning, local cleaning, regular cleaning, do not disturb mode and other basic functions, House Secret will not be introduced in this article. Because the secretary of the house will bring you a more detailed introduction next week, and will link the floor-sweeping robot with Tmall elves to see what kind of sparks they can collide!

Sweeping and mopping function

There used to be many cleaning robots and floor mop robots on the market, but this function is gradually marginalized because the actual use experience is not ideal. On the other hand, this function is re-added to the 360 S7 robot vacuum cleaner, and more intelligent processing is carried out.

The intelligent sensing water tank

360 is equipped with an “intelligent sensing water tank” for S7. Different from the traditional water tank, the intelligent water tank has the sensing function, and the robot can sense the existence of the water tank after installation, thus realizing more intelligent operation. Under normal circumstances, the mop and the water tank are integrated, as long as you install the water tank, it is tantamount to turning on the sweep and drag mode.

Intelligent induction water tank

However, some places in the home do not need or cannot be dragged, so it is necessary to set up a “mop restricted area” in App, after which the robot will not enter this position. Because the 360 S7 robot vacuum cleaner can monitor whether it is carrying a water tank, when the robot vacuum cleaner recognizes that it is not carrying a water tank, the robot vacuum cleaner can enter the “mop restricted area” to clean. This is also the most essential difference between the “mop restricted area” and the “forbidden area”.

Mop restricted area

For example, the carpet in the home cannot be wet at all, but after the “sweeping restricted area” has been set up, it is only prohibited to mop the floor, not to sweep the floor. When the sweeping robot detects that it does not carry a water tank, it will enter the restricted area and clean up the garbage residue on the carpet, which is also the most common use scene of the “sweeping restricted area”.

Bottom line

After the actual experience of the house secretary, the 360 S7 robot vacuum cleaner is a pretty good sweeping robot. In the case of ensuring suction, it brings a quiet environment for users. And the setting is simple, the function is complete, and it also has the highly identifiable functions of intelligent sensing water tank and “mop restricted area”. If you are fed up with your own mentally retarded robot vacuum cleaner, then a 360 S7 robot vacuum cleaner is a good choice.

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