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2018 GearBest merchant stores New Year promotion

2018 GearBest merchant stores New Year promotion includes 6 sections:

 Deals From Just $0.99
 Up To 50% OFF
 Buy 1 Get 1 Free
 Top Sellers
 Flagship Shops Deals
 Top Stores

Now, let”s visit each of them one by one.

Deals From Just $0.99

Here, as the name suggests, you can find a wide range of cheap and practical gadgets from just $0.99 like:

LXS Adjustable Mini USB LED Lamp, $0.99

SYNOKE Sports Men Waterproof Outdoor Watch, $2.99

Scrubbing back bath brush Shampoo Massage Brush, $2.99

Besides, there are other deals, such as tempered glass screen protectors, winter touch  screen gloves, skin care kits, etc. If you need any of these items, take a look at the  “Deals From Just $0.99” section before exploring further.

Deals From Just $0.99

Up To 50% OFF

Discounts are always good news. And this is what guide us to open this special section: Up To 50% OFF. Here, you can enjoy a big discount on  every item during the promotion time, just like:

TOCHIC Qi Wireless Charger, $10.99 (17% OFF);

JGAURORA A5 Updated Large Printing Size 3D Printer, $355.99 (31% OFF);

S10 WiFi FPV 2.4GHz 4-channel RC Drone, $51.39 (24% OFF).

Do check out the deals you want before the promotion ends, or you will miss the discount.

Up To 50% OFF

Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Have  a few products that you’ve been eyeing for a while? Check out

the Buy 1 Get 1 Free section — you may just be lucky enough to find your product in the list. And if you do, you won’t need to buy any additional accessories for your newly purchased product, as you will get a relevant accessory for free. Presently, we have 3 products in the  Buy 1 Get 1 Free section:

TOCHIC ME103S 10W / 5W Fast Wireless Charger + Minismile Scratch-proof Clear ARM Screen Film Protector for iPhone X, $13.99 ($10.79 saved). TOCHIC ME103S 10W / 5W Fast Wireless Charger is a popular and cheap wireless charger. Its main compatible equipment includes: iPhone X / 8 / 8 Plus, Samsung, LG, Xiaomi.

TOCHIC ME103S 10W / 5W Fast Wireless Charger and Minismile Scratch-proof Clear ARM Screen Film Protector for iPhone X

Lenovo P8 ( TAB3 8 Plus ) Tablet PC + Original Lenovo P8 ( TAB3 8 Plus ) Accessories Packs, $149.99 ($55.99 saved). The Lenovo P8 Tablet is one of the best sellers in 2017 on our GearBest. Once you buy the Lenovo P8 Tablet PC, you will get an original Lenovo P8 Accessories Pack worth $23.95 for free.

Lenovo P8 ( TAB3 8 Plus ) Tablet PC and Original Lenovo P8 ( TAB3 8 Plus ) Accessories Packs

Related: Lenovo P8 Tablet: the perfect performance-price ratio

GPD Pocket Mini Laptop UMPC + Original GPD Pocket Carry Case PU Leather Protective Bag, $469.99 ($108.05 saved). GPD Pocket Mini Laptop is an awesome mini laptop that is luxuriant in appearance and surprising in portability. You can put it in your pocket and take anywhere anytime just like a mobile phone.   

GPD Pocket Mini Laptop UMPC and Original GPD Pocket Carry Case PU Leather Protective Bag

Top Sellers

Which product should I choose? This is probably the most popular question going through your head as you are browsing. And if you have  a hard time answering it, check out our new Top Sellers section. Here, you can find top sellers in different categories: LED Lights, Phone Accessories, Home Gadgets, Watches, Bags & Shoes, Apparel, and Smart Watches. Just have a quick look through it and maybe you will find the right answer.

Top Sellers

Flagship Shops Deals

In Flagship Shops Deals, we will recommend you three  flagship shops: YWXLIGHT, TOCHIC Store, and Joinlinker Store.

YWXLIGHT is a famous light brand focusing on LED lighting products. The company is behind some of our best-selling lights like:

LED Flame Effect Fire Light Bulbs, $9.99;

Ywxlight E27 Wi-Fi Multicolored LED Bulbs, $14.82;

If you want to buy  lights, such as multicolored LED lights, camping lights, decorative lights, YWXLIGHT would be our first recommendation.  


TOCHIC Store mainly offers various phone accessories like tempered glass protectors, USB cables, adapter cables, power adapters, smartphone chargers, etc. So, this is the place to go when you want to accessorize your phone.


Want to buy a smart watch? Joinlinker Store is a professional smart watch store worth visiting, home to the diversiform smart watches with beautiful designs and welcome multifunctions. Here, you will find items like:

Cf007 Waterproof Smart Fitness Bracelet Smartband, $24.51;

CF006 Smart Watch, $23.75;

Q8 IP68 Smart Wristband Bracelet For iOS Android, $23.92.

Joinlinker Store

Top Stores

Want to find more deals? No problem. You are welcome to visit the following 8 special top stores. Find a brief intro to each of the stores below.


Mian Selling Products

YWXLight Store

 YWXLight Store mainly sells LED lighting products,  such as multicolored LED lights, camping lights,  decorative lights.


 TOCHIC Store mainly sells various phone accessories  like tempered glass protectors, USB cables, adapter  cables, power adapters, smartphone chargers, etc.

Joinlinker Store

 Joinlinker Store mainly sells smart  watches/bracelets.


 JIANGYUYAN Store mainly sells mechanical  watches.


 JIAWEN LIGHTING Store mainly sells smart RGBW  bulbs, decorative lights


 V SMART LIFE Store mainly sells string lights.

WKAE Store

 WKAE Store mianly sells phone cases, USB cables.

YHHP Store

 YHHP Store mainly sells oil paintings.

Bottom Line

We hope that some or all of these new additions will make your shopping experience in 2018 much more convenient, efficient and pleasant!

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