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1MORE Stylish Fashion True Wireless headset Astronaut version enjoys Wu Qingfeng’s unique favor.

“When I grow up, I want to be an astronaut. My grandparents are very happy and give me my favorite jelly.” Even now, this well-known ad will still appear in the advertising time of major satellite TV stations. Becoming an “astronaut” was once a childhood dream of many children, but in the process of pursuing our dreams, we gradually changed our original direction and embarked on different paths for some reason. But there is still curiosity, expectation and awe about space, technology and the unknown world.

In our lives, there are also many film and television literary works and songs derived from space. For Wu Qingfeng, he wrote a scene as grand as a sci-fi movie in the song “Astroman”. Music critic “dazed wooden one” commented on the song, said: “an astronaut once approached a planet without water and oxygen in the universe, and finally returned to the land to continue his daily life.” The love that once died out is only in my memory, and occasionally it is remembered when I look up at the starry sky at night. ” In addition to the “Astronaut” songs and albums of the same name, Wu Qingfeng has now teamed up with 1MORE to launch a special edition of 1MORE Stylish stylish real wireless headphones for astronauts, bringing Wu Qingfeng”s exclusive favor.

Perform brilliant stars on headphones.

The color of the universe is varied, with planets like the earth, stars glowing like the sun, supernovae, white dwarfs and other stars, which make up the brilliant stars in the universe. In order to restore this color, the main body of the astronaut Special Edition Fashion Bean chooses the dark space grayish blue with mysterious and technological colors, and integrates the star glitter into it to create a fashionable space color.


Astronaut Special Edition 1MORE Stylish Fashion True Wireless headphones.

The color of space is not immutable, with different changes. The color of the fuselage of the astronaut Special Edition Fashion Bean will show sparkling starlight under different light refraction, releasing a different elegant demeanor under the starlight mapping. 1MORE logo, is printed on the top of the charging box and the words “astronaut” are printed at the same time. After opening the charging box, the original 1MORE on the headphones was replaced with the word “astronaut”, revealing strong astronaut elements from the inside to the outside.


Astronaut Special Edition 1MORE Stylish Fashion True Wireless headphones.

In the process of use, it is necessary to press the button on the front to open the charging box, which is safer than the magnetic design in the event of a fall. After opening the filling box, you can see the internal structure. The top of the box cover is equipped with a layer of soft rubber material to protect the headphones. At the bottom is the headphone induction slot, each with two metal contacts on the left and right, which are responsible for charging the headphones.


Astronaut Special Edition 1MORE Stylish Fashion True Wireless headphones.

After taking out the headphones from the charging box, you can see the headphone body, and the shape that resembles broad beans must also be one of the origins of the name “Fashion beans”. The headset adopts a 45-degree oblique ear-in design, together with a circular outer ear brace and a silicone closed earpiece, which is not easy to fall off for a long time and has good sound insulation.


Astronaut Special Edition 1MORE Stylish Fashion True Wireless headphones.

There is a physical button on the top of the left and right headphones, which is the operation key of the headphone. after the OTA upgrade, the interaction logic has changed in the actual operation. Double-click to answer / hang up the phone, refuse to press long; double-click to play / pause when playing music, click to increase the volume in the right ear, click to decrease the volume in the left ear; long press the right ear for two seconds to switch to the next song, and press the left ear for two seconds to switch to the previous one.

There is no need to set the master and slave headphones, and the small figure also has good sound quality.

The original wireless Bluetooth headset encountered a problem, that is, the headset needs to be divided into the master ear and the slave ear, in which the master ear receives the signal transmitted by the mobile phone and transmits the signal to the slave ear, which leads to serious headset delay and vulnerable to external interference. At the same time, because the main ear needs to “multitask”, it will consume more power than the slave ear, which will lead to the embarrassing situation that the slave ear cannot be used even if it has electricity when the main ear has no electricity.

Astronaut Special Edition 1MORE Stylish Fashion True Wireless headset uses Qualcomm QCC3020 chip, this chip is Qualcomm’s Bluetooth chip specially built for TWS true wireless headset, supports aptX and AAC Bluetooth transmission protocol, with LDS laser antenna, whether Android phone or iPhone can achieve stable high quality sound quality, while lower delay, whether it is chasing the show or playing games, the sound and picture are synchronized at any time.

When the space man version of Fashion Bean is connected for the first time, the headset is removed from the headphone box, the indicator light on the body will flash red and blue, and the phone can be searched and matched successfully before it can be used. After the first pairing, you only need to take out the headphones to connect. There is no need for master and slave headphones, any headset can be used alone.

What distinguishes the space man version of Fashion beans from other headphones is that the tone of the headset is no longer the cold tone of “Bluetooth connected”, but the exclusive prompt of Wu Qingfeng astronauts. Astronaut Special Edition Fashion beans join hands with Wu Qingfeng to record “astronaut exclusive cue tone”. When you turn on the headset, you will hear “Hello, I am 1MORE music partner Wu Qingfeng” headset connected to the Bluetooth device, that is, the prompt: “astronaut is connected”, let Wu Qingfeng accompany you around, sing “Little Love Song” for you in the inner ear.


Astronaut Special Edition 1MORE Stylish Fashion True Wireless headphones.

The house secretary uses Samsung S10. After the headset is connected to Bluetooth, choose to tune the Bluetooth audio decoder to aptX for audition. Thanks to the Grammy Award sound engineer Luca Bignardi adjustment, combined with precision acoustic measurement, with 7mm titanium diaphragm moving coil unit, the bass dive is powerful, the intermediate frequency is clear, and it is full, which is a good sound quality in Bluetooth headphones. But it may be because the sound field is not wide enough, a little stuffy, and the brightness of the human voice is not enough. I hope that the sound quality will be better improved after the follow-up with the App.


Astronaut Special Edition 1MORE Stylish Fashion True Wireless headphones.

In terms of battery life, the 55mAh battery is built into one ear and weighs only 6.2g. Fully charged working time up to 6.5 hours, while supporting 15 minutes of fast charging, fast charging time up to 3 hours after fast charging. The charging box has a built-in 410mAh capacity battery, which can provide three times of charging for both ears, bringing a long battery life of 24 hours. The weight of binaural + headphone box is 52.8g, which is lighter and lighter. However, due to the headphone styling design, the charge box will look a bit large from the outside. In addition, it is a slight pity that the astronaut Special Edition Fashion Bean did not upgrade the Micro USB interface to the Type-C interface as a follow-up version.

It is worth mentioning that the personalized packaging of the customized headphones for astronauts also contains astronaut bear dolls and transparent carry-on bags printed with the words “astronaut”. Among them, astronaut bear dolls can be used as accessories, key chains and other travel companions. Carry-on bags can also be used as storage bags or washing bags when traveling.


On the basis of the original fashion color matching, the Astronaut Special Edition Fashion Bean brings a more amazing space color matching. At the same time, accompanied by Wu Qingfeng’s space concert, the advent of astronaut special edition 1MORE Stylish fashion real wireless headphones will also provide Wu Qingfeng’s fans with a different kind of voice intimate contact. Even if you are not a fan of Wu Qingfeng, the excellent power of this product will still impress you.

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